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Where will DeVante Parker land in the NFL Draft? Version 2.0

Card Chronicle's post-combine/pro day round up of the finest mock drafts the internet has to offer.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Part one of Card Chronicle mock draft mania

The mock draft is a favorite pastime of the NFL offseason. Sure, other sports have mock drafts too, but hardly anyone craves them the way they do for the NFL.

So here we are in NFL mock draft season, the greatest one of all, less than a month from the big day. This season, Louisville fans have an especially keen eye on DeVante Parker, despite the fact that up to 11 Cardinals may be drafted (11 attended the scouting combine). Parker is the only one unanimously projected to go in the first round.

To feed the mock draft fever that everyone most certainly has (why would anyone hate mock drafts?), Card Chronicle has scoured the internet for a second time to put together an updated list of where Parker could end up going. Buckle up, because if these folks have an educated idea as to where players will end up, the only conclusion you can come to at the end of this is that nobody really knows anything for certain.

Potential destinations are listed in order of frequency with links to all of the mocks that picked them there.

Let's keep overreacting to some mock drafts!

Dolphins (No. 14) — (Bucky Brooks) (Lance Zierlein)Bleacher ReportCBS Sports (Dane Brugler)ESPN (Kiper)

The Dolphins have stormed past the Browns and the Vikings for the top spot in the latest round-up. Since the Dolphins elected to trade their best receiver (Mike Wallace) and leave themselves with just about nobody outside of Jarvis Landry, they've vaulted into the first round receiver conversation. Landry showed promise last year, but Ryan Tannehill's arsenal needs help. Parker would certainly fit here.

Vikings (No. 11) — (Charles Davis) (Daniel Jeremiah)Sporting NewsCBS Sports (Rob Rang)CBS Sports (Will Brinson)

The complexion of Minnesota's receiving corps has been altered a bit with the release of Greg Jennings and the acquisition of the aforementioned Wallace via a trade with the Dolphins, but the Vikings' need for another impact receiver hasn't changed. That fact, combined with Teddy Bridgewater still being the quarterback, has kept Parker near the top of this list. It'd be a natural fit for DeVante and Ted to be reunited. It'd also be awesome.

Browns (No. 12) — NFL Draft CountdownSB NationCBS Sports (Pete Prisco)FOX Sports

Contrary to the popular belief that offseason signees Dwayne Bowe and Brian Hartline can shoulder the pass-catching load for new Browns starting quarterback Josh McCown... Wait, nobody thinks that.

The Browns are still the "For the love of everything that is holy and just, please don't drag DeVante into this" front-runner. Perhaps it's a good thing that there now appear to be two more-likely destinations. For Parker's sake, let's just hope that the Vikings don't leave anything up to chance and take him at No. 11.

Goodness, the Browns are (still) a mess.

Rams (No. 10) — ESPN (McShay)

New to the list this time around are the Rams. They take the Giants' place as the highest pick mentioned across the board. St. Louis has a lot of intriguing talent at the receiver position, but the fact remains that nobody caught more than three touchdowns for the Rams last season.

In fairness, St. Louis had Austin Davis, Shaun Hill and Johnny Hekker throwing passes, but alas. Other than 6-foot-3 Kenny Britt, the Rams' receiving corps is small, so Parker could help immensely, especially if they solve the quarterback conundrum.

The first round of the NFL Draft is set for Thursday, April 20. We may check in once more early that week to check out any last-minute shifts, like the realization in the eleventh hour that Parker's right pinky finger is undersized by NFL receiver standards.

So ready for 2015 NFL Rookie of the Year, Devante Parker.