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NFL Draft 2015: Where will DeVante Parker go?

One of the biggest days in the life of DeVante Parker has arrived. The Cardinal great is in Chicago with his family for the 2015 NFL Draft, where he's almost certain to be selected at some point during this evening's first round.

I'm also including this photo of DeVante looking pissed as he gets a trim because it's hilarious.

The most common landing spots for Parker in mock drafts across the Internet have been Minnesota (pick 11), Cleveland (pick 12) and Miami (pick 14), but recent history have shown how futile these predictive exercises can wind up being.

So what say you, where is one of the greatest wide receivers in the history of Cardinal football heading tonight? If it's Minnesota do we all take it as a sign that we have no choice but to become Vikings fans? If it's Cleveland do we cry? If it's Detroit am I buying everyone drinks tonight?

The answer to at least one of these questions is yes.