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Damion Lee picks Louisville: reaction from across the country's Evan Daniels was the first one to break the news Thursday morning that Damion Lee was headed to Louisville for his final season of college ball, and also the first to quote him directly on the decision.

Here's what Lee told Daniels:

On Louisville in general

"Of course the basketball stuff speaks for itself. Losing Rozier, Blackshear and just the opening there at the two spot, plus they got some good young guys coming. Trey Lewis is coming in and Quentin Snider is there already."

"The guards are reset and the bigs they have are guys that are 6-9, 6-10 and 7-foot and that's just speaking from a basketball standpoint. They run pro sets with a Hall of Fame coach. After basketball there's a community. Louisville is the pro team there. When I was there it was amazing."

On Rick Pitino

"Off the court (Rick Pitino)'s charismatic and joking. I can tell that he really cares about his guys. If it's one thing I can say about him it's that he's caring and loving. He shows that. The past three years of him coaching. If it's anyone of his guys he's always going to look after them and care for him."

On Kenny Johnson

"I've known Kenny for a couple of years. Back when I played with DC Assault in AAU when he was w/ Triple Threat, which is now Team Takeover. I've known him for a couple years. He's a great guy."

"I speak highly of Kenny and I know him well. Coach Pitino wanted Kenny to work on some things. He basically lost another human. That's just how much influence coach Pitino has. If he tells you what to do and you do it, you'll be successful."

On the season ahead

"I'm so excited. Especially since we have this trip going to Puerto Rico so we can gel and mesh together. When I was there, I got in the gym with Trey [Lewis]. He's a phenomenal player and a phenomenal person. He comes form a grounded family. The mindset of the team is of an underdog. We may be ranked, but it's a blue-collar city and a blue-collar team. We just roll up our sleeves and just get things done."

It seems as though Lewis and Lee already have a bond that could be crucial for next year's success:

More Lee quotes from

"The main reason I chose Louisville is the playing style and the chance to play for a Hall of Famer in Coach [Rick] Pitino. It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity."

"I'll help give them a composed, older player who can score the ball in a variety of ways. This is a chance for me to play night in and night out in the best conference in the country."

Incoming freshman Donovan Mitchell on Lee:

"[It gives us] an even better shot at winning and another competitor and player who gives us scoring in bunches."

Lee quotes from The Courier-Journal:

"The U of L community itself was unreal. I don't think there's any other city or college basketball town like it. Random people were coming up to me -- 'Hey Damion, we'd love to have you here.' That was kind of different."

"I'm just coming in as an older guy, a guy who's been through the fire, been through it all. It won't just stop there -- it's buying into whatever the coaches are teaching. One thing I've done in my career in college is score."

UNC Wilmington (and former U of L assistant) coach Kevin Keatts on Lee:

"He was probably the most dynamic scorer in our league. He can score at all three levels -- great from 3-point line, very good from 2, and he gets to the free-throw line and makes his shots. He's a very good player, just a solid all-around guy."

"When you've got the ability to score like he does, especially at his size, I think everything he does will translate over. He's got a chance to be great."

I like it. I like it all.