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Louisville players, recruits and Rick Pitino make Laser Blaze appearance

There have been a lot of questions these past couple of days about the visits of Drexel transfer Damion Lee and five-star class of 2016 point guard Tyus Battle.

Details, as they typically are in these situations have been scarce, but here's one thing I can report which both occurred and occurred successfully: laser tag.

The team, Lee, Battle, the coaches and the graduate assistants all made an appearance at Laser Blaze in St. Matthews on Monday to have a little fun. Three games were played, an afterward, a handful of players posed for a picture.

There was also a report that Pitino himself made an appearance and actually participated in a game. When asked if he could confirm or deny this earth-shattering report, Pitino said simply...

I love being a Louisville fan and I never want this era to end.

If Lee and/or Battle wind up becoming Cards, you can thank the head coach's laser tag prowess.