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Which former Louisville basketball player would you like to see return as an assistant?

There's an assistant coaching vacancy on the Louisville basketball staff, and rumors are already swirling with names that may wind up filling that void.

Unless David Padgett winds up receiving a promotion, the name those rumors wind up settling on is unlikely to be a former Cardinal hooper. But let's not let that stop us.

If you could have one former Louisville basketball player to join Rick Pitino's staff, justified in any manner you like, who are you taking?

Here are my power rankings:

1. Earl Clark


--Comedic value

--Name recognition

--Networking potential through golf


--Inability to recruit Arizona

--Still playing in the NBA

2. Beau Zach Smith


--Is Beau Zach Smith

--Already down with the cause


--Already owns his own business so pitch would be hard

--Samaki Walker could decide to take the job, get everyone excited, and then do a worse job than Beau Zach did

3. David Levitch (Player/Coach)


--Already has a winning reputation

--Has been lauded in the past for his understanding of the game

--Could get commitments from the best junior high school girl players in the country without issue


--Easily distracted by TVG and

--Junior high school girls are not a recruiting need at this time, regardless of how good they are

--Would run too many sets designed strictly for Dillon Avare isolation, which could disrupt team chemistry