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Rick Pitino says Montrezl Harrell and Terry Rozier are both '100 percent' going pro

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Rick Pitino put to bed (or attempted to) any hopes Louisville fans may have had of either Montrezl Harrell or Terry Rozier opting to return to U of L for another season during his end of the year press conference on Monday afternoon.

"They're both leaving, yes, 100 percent," Pitino said. "It's the right thing to do for both of them. You all may have some doubts about Terry, but I don't."

Harrell was honored on Senior Night this season, so his departure comes as little surprise, but Rozier had been non-committal either way as recently as Sunday afternoon.

"Terry looks at home and sees his mom working two jobs, and she's going 16, 17 hours a day," Pitino said. "And he says, 'OK, maybe I wouldn't be drafted as high as I would be if I waited one more year, but I'd rather sacrifice that for my mom not having to work two jobs.'"

Pitino also added that he thinks a "a couple of guys will transfer" and said he plans to add "at least one more guy, maybe as many as three" to next year's roster, once again stressing the need to add more shooters.