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Louisville fans discuss their favorite NCAA Tournament victories

Elsa/Getty Images

This afternoon Twitter, I posed a seemingly simple question: Outside of the three national championship games, what is your favorite all-time Louisville NCAA Tournament victory? You could give any reason you wanted as justification, the only qualification was that you had to have been alive to witness the game in question.

The responses were both numerous and entertaining, as plenty of folks grappled with this question of paramount fan importance. With 165 votes cast, here are the results and a few of the rationales behind them:

1. 2005 Elite 8 vs. West Virginia (67)

2. 2012 Elite 8 vs. Florida (21)

3. 1983 Elite 8 "Dream Game" vs. Kentucky (20)

4. 2013 Elite 8 "Kevin Ware Game" vs. Duke (19)

5. 2012 Sweet 16 vs. Michigan State (10)

6. 2013 Final 4 vs. Wichita State

7. 2009 Sweet 16 vs. Arizona

Other Games Receiving Multiple Votes:

2008 second round vs. Oklahoma
2012 second round vs. New Mexico
1996 second round vs. Villanova
1983 Sweet 16 vs. Arkansas

Other Games Receiving Single Votes:

1997 Sweet 16 vs. Arkansas
1996 first round vs. Tulsa
1986 Sweet 16 vs. North Carolina
2008 Sweet 16 vs. Tennessee
1986 Final Four vs. LSU
1990 first round vs. Idaho

Personally, I have to go with the herd here and say the 2005 West Virginia game is my No. 1.

My No. 2, though, is that '96 first round game against Tulsa, because I have never given up on a game more in my life than I had on that one. I had spent the bulk of my 11-year-old existence looking forward to the tournament that year, and it seemed destined to end in the snap of a finger. I remember walking out of the room at the under 4 timeout with Louisville trailing by 13 and thinking that I was going to cry. I went outside and shot basketball in our driveway, and refused to come inside when my dad started shouting updates about the massive comeback. We won in overtime, of course, and then upset Kerry Kittles and Villanova two days later to send my 5th grade euphoria into the next week. It was awesome.