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The 2015 Card Chronicle Bracket Challenge

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

As much as I fear change, we're abandoning Yahoo this year in favor of Real Time Brackets as the host of our bracket challenge. The good news is that it's the easiest host on the Internet to sign up for, and we have a pretty sweet prize deal for the people who finish first, second and third this year.

Here's are your steps:

  1. Read the official challenge rules.
  2. Sign up for the contest by going to the Card Chronicle group. All you need from there to sign up is a bracket name, an email, and the league password - "pitino."  When it asks what "type" of game you want, you need to pick traditional, which means you can't change your picks mid-tournament or mid-game.
  3. Make your picks.

We are again partnering with our friends over at Strait Pinkie for this year's prize package.

This year, first place in the contest will receive $100 worth of U of L merchandise from the Strait Pinkie store (you'll get to choose everything you want yourself). Second and third places will get $20 worth of gear.

The good news about the move to RTB is that we won't have to open multiple groups as we have in years past because there's no limit to the amount of players who can sign up for one group.

Best of luck to all.