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Requiem For A Beard: Comparing Louisville's 2014 And 2015 'Streaks'

Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

Beard Streak 2014-15 officially came crashing to a halt Saturday with Louisville's 52-47 loss to Virginia in Charlottesville, leaving us with only memories winter stubble and post-North Carolina celebrations to keep us warm for the rest of February.

While the streak ultimately produced one less victory than the same endeavor of a year ago, it does seem like it at least partially achieved Pitino's broader goal of improving team chemistry and strengthening the bond within the unit as it turns its attention to the second half of the conference season.

Before moving on completely, let's briefly compare the streaks of the last two years, and poor one out for the memory of Bearded Anas Mahmoud.


Streak Length: 18 days (Feb. 11 - March 1)

Number of Wins: 5

Streak Ender: at No. 21 Memphis (72-66)

Average Margin of Victory During Streak: 24.2 ppg

Largest Win: vs. Rutgers (102-54)

Biggest Win: At No. 7 Cincinnati (58-57)

Best Beard: Mike Balado

Best Player Beard: Luke Hancock

Worst Beard: Dillon Avare


Streak Length: 18 days (Jan. 20 - Feb. 7)

Number of Wins: 4

Streak Ender: at No. 3 Virginia (52-47)

Average Margin of Victory During Streak: 9.8 ppg

Largest Win: At Pittsburgh (80-68)

Biggest Win: vs. No. 13 North Carolina (78-68 OT)

Best Beard: Doug Davenport

Best Player Beard: Montrezl Harrell

Worst Beard: Dillon Avare

Until next year?