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Bobby Petrino Talks About His 2015 Recruiting Class

Here's the video:

And here are the abbreviated highlights:

--I think we got our top two recruits when we were able to get Todd Grantham and Garrick McGee to stay. Tom Jurich wants to compete at the highest level, and his support is what helped us keep both of those guys here. It was vital to keep those guys in Louisville in order to maintain continuity and achieve our ultimate goals.

--Really proud of our assistants in building relationships and putting together this class in a year. We have recruits from nine different states, so our coaches were going everywhere to make this happen.

--I think we did a good job of filling our needs -- offensive line, wide receiver, defensive backs, and defensive end.

--We have six wide receivers, and all but one of them are 6'3 or taller. We wanted to get bigger and faster at that position, and we've done that.

--We already have eight guys enrolled and working out with the team, and those guys are doing a great job.

--The thing that came up about the greyshirting -- greyshirting is a part of recruiting. It's not my favorite part, but you're asking a young man to delay his admission to January, and I've been on both sides of it. Lorenzo Mauldin ended up here because he was asked to greyshirt, and he didn't want to delay his college career so he wound up here. It is a part of recruiting, but it's really not the issue, the issue is how the coach responds to it.

--This was a big senior class, but we'll have a small senior class this year. But because we had so many guys leaving we had to go the JuCo route to fill some holes because we needed some guys to step in and be able to contribute right away. We feel like all the junior college players we took will be able to contribute next year.

--We have Khalil Hunter (OL) already on campus. He's very big and athletic, but pass protection is going to be an adjustment for him. The group we have coming in is a great combination of size and athleticism. We have two guys who we think can come in and play strong guard, which is what John Miller played for us last year. It's one of the most important spots in our offense.

--Not sure how many of these guys will play right away next season, but the one thing we do is make sure that they're preparing to play right away. And that starts right now. The eight guys who are here already, we expect them to contribute more because they're already ahead.

--We were up late last night. I think Todd was up until 3 a.m. He sent me GG Robinson's message and I didn't understand what his crying emoji meant, but Todd said he thought we were going to hold onto him.

--We were confident about Lamar Jackson, but then he didn't sign when we thought he was, and then we heard he wasn't at school. But it turned out that he was picking his mom up and there was no issue at all.

--There's a street named for GG Robinson's father at Auburn, but it came down to him wanting to play in this style of defense and his relationship with our coaching staff.

--It was a long process with Devonte Fields. We spoke with Gary Patterson at TCU and every coach on the Trinity staff. We talked with his mother extensively. We talked with his attorneys, and we felt like we got a really good understanding of what happened there. No. 1, there was no gun there. It was a misdemeanor charge, and I've been instructed that this is all I can say about that. The young man understands what our expectations are and the standards he's going to be held to here, and he embraces that. He could have gone to the NFL, but it was important for him to go to a major college and be a student and an athlete again. He sold us on that and I feel like he earned the scholarship.

--I believe in second chances and sometimes third chances. Every one of these situations is on an individual basis. You do your research, and I feel like if you have a chance to give a young man a second chance you do it. Some of the best moments for me have been guys coming back to the spring game or calling and saying I have a degree and a family because you were willing to give me a second chance.

--We beat a lot of big-time programs out for these kids, but that's where we are now. We're in the ACC, and we have to realize hat we're going to be competing against these programs for kids. You're going to win some and you're going to lose some.

--I was really impressed with Lamar's ability to throw the ball. Obviously his speed and his athleticism jump out right away when you see his tape, but I was very impressed with his release and with his deep ball. We're not going to have to work with him that much when it comes to mechanics, but his issue like all freshmen is going to be grasping the offense and getting himself mentally in a place where he's ready to compete for the job in August.

--I think we're done with the class.

--Gary Patterson said that he loved Devonte Fields. He just had an issue and he couldn't stay in school there.