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Adidas reveals Louisville's 2015 postseason uniforms

For the fourth straight season, adidas has released new uniforms that Louisville will be wearing for both the ACC Tournament and the NCAA Tournament.

In 2012, the Cards rode the "infra-red" jerseys to a Big East Tournament title and a trip to the Final Four. A year later, the hideousness that was the sleeved-camo look produced another Big East tourney title as well as a national championship. Last season, U of L wore jerseys that looked .... well, sorta normal .... and the result was a Sweet 16 loss to Kentucky.

Because of the trends outlined above, I have been on record dozens of times in hoping that adidas deals Louisville the most atrocious concoction possible for this March. The question of whether or not the provider would come through has now been answered.

Let's have a look:

Well, I've never liked the Old English L (which has been mostly phased out at this point), we've got sleeves again, the cummerbund look on the shorts somehow made the transition to the postseason, and the tops look like softball jerseys. So while I still would have preferred either a giant Cardinal beak uniform or just playing in trash bags, I can live with this.

It's also impossible to ignore that we are the only adidas program with sleeves this year. Given the fact that Pitino claims he wanted to go back to the infra-red last season, it's hard to believe this wasn't done on purpose. I like it.