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U of L Police: Chris Jones sent threatening message to female student

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Andy Lyons/Getty Images

New details are being released about the events which led to Chris Jones being suspended and ultimately dismissed from the Louisville basketball team this past week.

From Stephen George of Insider Louisville:

According to the report, the woman had tried to meet Jones at his apartment, and when he didn't show up, she "mess(ed) up" his room. At 2 p.m. the following day, Jones allegedly texted her back, threatening to "smack TF (the fuck) out of" her.

The report also indicates she did not wish to press charges.

In addition, the university confirmed to IL that campus police are conducting an investigation into a separate incident report. They did not release that report to IL, citing the ongoing investigation. Campus police spokesman Kenneth Brown told IL he wasn't sure when the investigation into the second incident would be concluded.

Jones was suspended for Louisville's game at Syracuse last Wednesday, the same day the text message was reportedly sent. He was kicked off the team for good four days later.

You can view the entire ULPD police report on this incident here.