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Chris Jones reportedly seeking help with anger management

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

An overlooked aspect in all of the madness of the last 24 hours has been what the next move is for dismissed U of L point guard Chris Jones.

According to The Courier-Journal's Jeff Greer, that move will be to Houston where Jones will seek help with anger management via the John Lucas' Wellness and Aftercare program.

Former University of Louisville guard Chris Jones plans to visit ex-NBA player and coach John Lucas in the coming weeks to work on anger management and other issues stemming from an ongoing battle with ADHD, a source close to Jones told The Courier-Journal late Sunday evening.

The source would not go into detail as to why Jones was dismissed from the program on Sunday but did say that Jones acknowledged that he "messed up" and thanked Louisville fans for their support over the past two seasons, which have been tumultuous for Jones.

The program, you may remember, was also where Chane Behanan went to seek help following his dismissal from the Louisville basketball team a little over a year ago.