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Chris Jones Will 'Probably' Be Back Against Miami On Saturday

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

It appears as though the suspended portion of Chris Jones' senior season is coming to an end. Probably.

In a text message to WDRB's Rick Bozich, Rick Pitino stated that Jones "probably won't start" but should be back in uniform when the Cards host Miami on Saturday.

In a text message, Pitino said that Jones "took care of what the coaches wanted." Pitino said the disciplinary matter concerned "discipline on campus."

Following Wednesday night's loss to Syracuse, Pitino told reporters that if Jones "did what the assistant coaches are asking him to do," he could be back in the lineup for Louisville's next game.

"He could play the next game if he does what the assistant coaches tell him to do, or he could sit again," Pitino said. "And I don't care if he sits the whole season. I could care less. If you're not going to do the right things and act like a Louisville man, then he can move on and try to go to Belgium somewhere."

While the Cards missed Jones' on-ball defense Wednesday night, freshman backup point guard Quentin Snider certainly handled himself well, finishing with 13 points, 4 assists and no turnovers in 28 minutes of action. If Jones does, in fact, come off the bench on Saturday, it's likely that Snider will make his second consecutive start.