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Rick Pitino writes about the Michigan State loss

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

Rick Pitino may not have addressed the media after Wednesday night's narrow loss to Michigan State, but he did share some thoughts on his personal website.

That loss hurt! All losses are difficult, but losing that one was even more difficult. We showed our inexperience on defense by losing coverage of the three-point line. Allowing them to get second chance opportunities was also a killer. This team has enormous upside, but it will take time and patience.

Grand Canyon is an explosive offensive basketball team. They're currently undefeated and coached by former NBA great Dan Majerle. They have size and great perimeter shooting.

Everything I heard about Michigan State's home court is true. Unbelievable student support makes the arena jump on every possession.

The exclamation drove Pitino's pain home more than any postgame comment could have.

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