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Rick Pitino writes about not talking to the media after the Kentucky loss

Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

Here's the latest post from, in which Pitino addresses the heat he's been taking over not speaking with the media following Louisville's loss to Kentucky on Saturday:

Well, it certainly was another disappointing loss, but give our opponent credit. They made some three-pointers from nearly the midcourt logo.

Before I release the MVP order, let me set the record straight about not doing a postgame press conference. I told Kenny Klein and Paul Rogers 24 hours before the game that it didn't matter, win or lose, I would speak to our fans through our postgame radio interview and Ralph would speak with the media. I've done the same after a victory at home. It is an ACC rule for me to do the postgame interviews for league games, but not for non-conference games.

But let's get to the truth of why. Once every two years, it's an extremely emotional and difficult experience for me to coach in Rupp Arena. I knew that when I accepted the job at Louisville, but it's never easy. We give them credit for the victory and we hope to grow after the loss.

We now enter conference play with a big opener against Wake Forest. We struggled with their low post game last year and have to keep our goals intact. The road is going to be difficult this year, just like at Michigan State and Kentucky, so we must take care of our home court. We need it to be loud and strong the entire game. Wake Forest is a dangerous opponent.