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What in the world is going on at Texas A&M?

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Since the announcement of the game 12 days ago, the 2015 Music City Bowl has felt like an event without a defining storyline. Sure there was talk of both teams having seasons that fell below their own expectations, and some discussion over how this was one of the more difficult games to pick of college football's 2015 postseason, but those talking points aren't exactly limited to Louisville vs. Texas A&M.

In light of some recent events in College Station, however, there is definitely some added intrigue to this game, even Aggie fans wish that wasn't the case.

First came the news last week that Kyle Allen, the sophomore who took the bulk of the snaps at quarterback for Texas A&M this season, was transferring. It surprised of the folks to our Southwest, but there were others who said that Allen simply saw the writing on the wall and recognized that Kevin Sumlin and the rest of his staff obviously wanted freshman Kyler Murray to be their guy moving forward. So that left Murray, who ended the regular season third on the Aggie QB depth chart, as the man for not just the Music City Bowl, but for the immediate future of the Texas A&M program.

The problem with that? Now Murray is also apparently looking into transferring, even though the A&M staff is doing everything within its power to get him to change his mind.

The issues began after Murray started three-games, was then benched for Allen and did not play a snap in the final two games of the regular season.

With Allen transferring, it would seem the playing time issue is resolved. However, the issue has evolved into something much deeper than the number of snaps Murray receives.

A significant factor behind his potential transfer is Murray and his family have lost trust in Sumlin and the Aggies coaching staff, according to sources.

"This is a kid, who still has options, that has lost total trust in his coach and the program," one source said Wednesday. "During the season, Kyler came to a point where he said ‘I can't trust this man anymore.'"

But Murray is not alone when it comes to trusting his head coach.

Sources indicated that a lack of trust in Sumlin played a role in Allen's decision to transfer from Texas A&M. Murray and Allen had discussed these trust issues weeks before Allen made his decision final, according to sources.

It is yet to be determined if Murray will ultimately follow in his former teammate's footsteps. But Sumlin will need to answer some questions if another former five-star quarterback walks away from Texas A&M.

That's right, the issue of transferring quarterbacks at A&M isn't exactly limited to Allen and Murray ....

Kevin Sumin's only recent comments on the current situation were that he expects to see Murray at practice on Thursday, leaving some to speculate that Murray could wind up playing in the bowl game and then transfer somewhere else. That would seem .... awkward, but that's kind of how the current state of things in College Station are.

So has Kevin Sumlin, just recently one of the hottest names in college coaching, lost control of his program? Will Kyler Murray still start against Louisville? Will he even be on the team? If not, who will A&M trot out at quarterback?

If nothing else, at least the game has some added national intrigue.