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Rick Pitino writes about Eastern Michigan win, confirms Bompy visit

I'm not going to comment on Rick Pitino's latest post, I'm just going to put a passage in quotes:

Donovan and Matz have had great practices of late. Both are getting comfortable and more confident. Over the next three weeks, we hope to add facets to our offenses and defenses. With no school in session, it's a great time to improve and get ready for the tough ACC schedule.

Deng Adel should be ready to go for the Minardi Classic. We will be conservative with his comeback and ease him back into the lineup.

Fans finally caught on last game by yelling back at the intro video "I've got your back" and "family" at the end. Our marketing department thought it would happen by clairvoyance. Let's get fired up! The big games are around the corner. The much awaited arrival of Bompy is going to happen. He will be here for the Minardi Classic. Mike Balado will interpret.

Bompy sucks. Christmas is canceled.