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Kyle Kuric undergoes another successful surgery, mom posts update

Chris Trotman/Getty Images

The latest update on Kyle Kuric is that he underwent a successful surgery on Monday and will remain hospitalized for the next few days. The surgery had originally been scheduled for last Wednesday, but it's still worth mentioning that this was a planned operation.

Also on Monday, Kuric's mother, Judi, posted the following message on Facebook:

The last three weeks have been an unimaginable journey for my family. Early Tuesday morning a message flashed across my phone from Kyle "We need to talk" along with a photo of several MRI images. Semi-awake I began looking at the images and realized that Steve was already talking to Kyle on the phone. The MRI showed a brain tumor with a lot of edema. Was this Kyle's MRI? Was this the cause of his headaches for the past two days? Steve was now talking with a doctor in Spain that confirmed what I did not want to be true. Kyle needed specialized care and was going to be transferred to a facility where a neurosurgeon was available. The next several hours were spent sorting through information and making decisions. Where should he be treated? Should we get him back to the US? Can he tolerate an overseas flight? What facilities and surgeons were available in Barcelona? Where do you get information about health care in Spain? How fast can we get to Barcelona? It was a dizzying array of questions, decisions, and logistics. I just couldn't believe this was happening to Kyle and our family. He was so young, so strong, with a wife he adores and newborn twin sons.

With the help of many, we left Louisville on Wednesday and arrived in Barcelona early Thursday morning. Kyle was scheduled to have surgery on Thursday afternoon so we would have just enough time to see him and speak to the surgeon. The surgery took six hours which felt like forever. We read messages of support, prayed, shared stories, and tried everything we could to pass the time. Finally around 11 pm, Dr. Plans met with us and shared the good news that surgery had gone very well. We were lifted by this news and began to plan his recovery.

Saturday morning we arrived for the 7 am ICU visitation and Kyle wasn't doing well. His surgeon was very concerned. The day quickly unfolded into one of terror. The pressure in his head was very high. He was taken for a second surgery and then placed in a medically induced coma. Steve, Katie, Taraneh, and I just clung to each other. We cried and prayed and reached out to family and friends asking for their prayers and positive thoughts. The next 48 hours were tough. We were grateful he had survived but prayed so hard that he would recover. I just wanted to hear him tease me about my bad Spanish, watch him play with his sons, and trade movie lines with his dad. I can't begin to describe the joy we felt on Tuesday when we walked into his room and he was sitting in a chair smiling. All of the prayers had been answered.

Thanksgiving this year is an opportunity for me to express my love and gratitude to so many people. I am very blessed; and at some level I knew that but this experience has been humbling. I am more blessed than I could have imagined.

First, God is good! So many prayers were offered and answered on Kyle's behalf. That is truly humbling.

Second, my husband has been awesome throughout this whole ordeal. We depended on his knowledge to ensure that Kyle got the care he needed. Steve consulted with Dr. Plans every step of the way. His specialized knowledge was instrumental for Kyle but also so difficult for him personally as he watched the son he loves so much go through this. I am so grateful for his skills and knowledge but also his strength and love for our family.

Katie has been amazing. She literally dropped everything to get to Spain. She was indispensable in packing, making arrangements, getting things we forgot, and just taking care of multiple things that were forgotten or have come up in the rush and stress. Her strong faith has been a source of great comfort to all of us. We have leaned on each other throughout this journey and she has been a pillar of strength. She and Taraneh will be a dynamic duo in helping Kyle to recover.

I wish that everyone could experience the love that Kyle and Taraneh have for each other. My heart broke listening to the dreams she felt she was losing when Kyle was so critical. Taraneh was amazing in responding to Kyle's needs and also those of her newborn twin boys. We are lucky that Kyle found such a wonderful woman to add to our family and he is a lucky man to have such a wonderful wife.

Our families, friends, and co-workers have been a source of constant strength for us. There were truly some moments that their messages and prayers gave us strength to carry on. We are also grateful for the extra efforts of many in covering for us without question so we could leave for Spain so quickly and remain there through those critical hours. Thank you so much for being there for us.

We knew that Card fans were special but now we really know how special. We have all been overwhelmed with messages, tweets, texts, emails, letters, and cards. We read and re-read every single one of them. We heard stories that we never knew and felt an incredible flood of care and concern. It gave us all strength. Thank you for loving my son and family. ‪#‎L1C4‬

A special thanks to Coach Pitino and Kenny Klein. They reached out to us immediately upon hearing the news and offered their assistance. Through their experience they knew what help we would need and stepped in quickly to provide it. Thank you.

I also want to thank the UK fans that reached across our rivalry to express their support. Your willingness to put red and blue aside and offer your support was unexpected but greatly appreciated.

So many people stepped in and helped us in so many ways. The whole organization of Herbalife Gran Canaria from the President, GM, teammates and their partners, and fans have flooded us with their care, support, and concern. Kyle's agent Guillermo Bermejo from You First Sports literally caught the next train to Barcelona after hearing the news. He has helped us in countless ways. The ACB leadership and teams were unified in their support of Kyle. Dr. Ignacio Muro was instrumental in getting Kyle to Clinica Teknon and Dr. Plans along with his daily support and advice. Finally, the players and wives for FC Barcelona brought us meals, snacks, and lots of baby items. They all were simply amazing.

Dr. Gerard Plans, Kyle's surgeon, has given us a gift we can never repay. His incredible skill and compassion not only saved Kyle but also helped us get through those difficult days. Mucho gracias!

It has been a joy to be around Kyle the past couple of weeks. He has begun to gain some strength and endurance. His positive attitude, sense of humor, and desire to get back to his life is so heartwarming. Watching him play with the twins brings tears to my eyes almost daily.

I am asking for more prayers as Kyle will undergo a follow up surgical procedure today. We hope that it is routine and nothing like what he has been through and will allow him to continue his recovery. Thank you for your love, support, and prayers. I am truly indebted to you all. Thank you and God Bless.