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Katina Powell's youngest daughter says she doesn't support mother's book

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Katina Powell's youngest daughter, Abraesha Moorman -- who is referred to in the book as "Shay," but now goes by the name "Chloe" -- has posted an update on her Facebook page in which she voices attempts to defend her mother, but also admits that she doesn't "support her book or the mess it has made."

The status update is also noteworthy because it, once again, directly contradicts facts that were put forth by Powell in her "Breaking Cardinal Rules" book.

Here is the Facebook post in full:

Moorman is currently facing prostitution charges in both Louisville and Indianapolis stemming from incidents in June, 2014. She currently resides in Atlanta.

The resulting 150+ comments on Moorman's post are, well, sort of par for the course for Facebook, and not really worth your time .... which is also sort of par for the course for Facebook.

The fun times just keeps rolling.