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College football playoff committee is business as usual

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports


Normally I would write about Louisville's Football team, but they won, they still relish mistakes and lack of discipline, Reggie should move to full time running back/wide receiver hybrid, and Bolin should be number two and play when under center snaps are required. Stop shooting yourselves in both feet Cardinals! Sincerely, the Universe.

Oversized sweatshirts, bringing your own guts, and Elaine Benes dance moves are all the rage and Dabo Swinney is spreading that rage from Clemson, South Carolina across the heartland of America. The college football playoff committee released its initial rankings for the 2015 season and the Clemson Tigers are your new, and current top ranked team.

I take no issue with Clempson's inclusion in the top four, I fully expect them to lose to Florida State and hopefully they collapse against my Gamecocks Thanksgiving weekend. Tigers aside, the committee continues to ignore sound reasoning by repeating the mistakes of the past. The big name players, the big money programs and coaches, and the SEC West are invincible in the playoff committee's eyes. The final five weeks of college football will either expose their bias or reward their ignorance.

The top four in order are Clemson, LSU, Ohio State, and Alabama. LSU is currently a worthy candidate. They have impressive wins and the Heisman frontrunner, and Ohio State, similar to Florida State a year ago, is the champion until they lose. Including Alabama in the top four is a clear indication of the committee's intent on guaranteeing a spot, or two, for the SEC. Alabama and LSU play each other this weekend and ranking them in the top four almost ensures that if Alabama wins, LSU will be a playoff selection lock alongside Alabama if the Tide and Tigers win out. Alabama surrendered 43 points in a home loss to an Ole Miss team that was trounced by Florida and arguably dominated by Memphis. The same Memphis team that is ranked 13th, undefeated, and plays in a conference with two other ranked teams and undefeated Houston. We know Rodney, can't get no respect.

"But its Alabama, its Nick Saban, they are the greatest thing since sliced bread and Lucky Charms with only marshmallows, and they always win." Yes, Alabama is loaded with NFL talent and yes Nick Saban is a phenomenal coach, but the Crimson Tide haven't beaten a top ranked team outside of the SEC since 2012, were embarrassed in 2013 by Oklahoma, and lost as eight point favorites to Ohio State in 2014's semifinal. If Alabama wins out and wins the SEC, then we can discuss their inclusion in the playoff, but that is a big if so committee, let's just wait and see.

This is the first set of rankings and many of these contenders must still play one another, so outrage and #OurFootballTeamsLivesMatter movements are premature. However, the committee has offered clear indicators of inconsistency and bias outside of their SEC preference. Baylor and TCU, who were left out in the cold a season ago, find themselves in the top 10, but the committee is ready to ignore the Big 12 once again in 2015. One loss Notre Dame is guaranteed a playoff spot if they win out, and Auburn-esque Michigan State would jump Baylor or TCU if they were to win the Big 10 championship. Also, the Pac 12 will have a hard time finding a way into the final four with Southern Cal struggling, Oregon under achieving, and every other contender already having one loss.

I am confused by the committee's infatuation with Oklahoma having lost to a horrid Texas team, but they are a big name with big money, and how interesting would it be if they win out and make the playoff as a one loss Big 12 team when a season ago the committee ignored one loss little brothers TCU and Baylor?

As for Memphis and Houston, they are very good football teams and should enjoy this season because both of their coaches are likely gone. The committee's message to teams outside of the power five is clear and concise: thanks for playing, but there is no room left at the adult table so go kick rocks.

The most intriguing team in the top 25 to me is Florida. Jim McElwain should be coach of the year if the Gators continue to roll and they were very close to toppling LSU in Baton Rouge. If the Gators win out and win the SEC Championship, how will the committee contemplate the disastrous SEC East defeating a team from their precious SEC West? As detailed previously, the committee has positioned the rankings well to give two SEC teams a solid chance of making the playoff. The SEC is ESPN's biggest partner and money maker. ESPN has the television rights to the college football playoff. The SEC will have their representation.

All in all, there is too much football yet to be played to call for anyone's head, but the playoff committee is beginning to script its narrative, and that narrative is all too familiar to the Rodney Dangerfield's of college football. The playoff should be expanded to eight teams in 2016, but for now it is business as usual and the good ole boys club of college football is smiling ear to ear.

All Hail UofL !!