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Bobby Petrino Syracuse press conference highlights

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Here are the highlights from today's press conference, which included injury updates on Lamar Jackson, Reggie Bonnafon and Sheldon Rankins:

--I thought the team showed a lot of competitive spirit in coming from behind to get a road victory over Wake Forest. I was very proud of the defense for showing fight, creating turnovers and doing what we needed to win. We've got to prevent the big plays. It wasn't just giving up the catch on those plays, it was not making a tackle, which should have been done.

--Really liked the way Jeremy Smith ran the ball, especially in the 4th quarter.

--Offensively we've got to do a better job of not having drives stall around midfield. That's why our punt coverage has been so good because we keep being able to punt it inside the 20 after our drives stall.

--We're still looking for more production from the running back spot. We thought heading into the last game that Jeremy Smith and L.J. Scott gave us the best chance to be productive from that spot.

--Reggie Bonnafon is going through the concussion protocol. Lamar Jackson ran yesterday, but is still a little bit gimpy. Sheldon Rankins should be ready to play this weekend.

--Would think if Lamar is healthy that he'll be the starter on Saturday, but we'll have to wait and see.

--I made the call to go with Kyle at the end with Lamar limping and Reggie looking dazed, and Kyle did a good job of executing the offense. Wish we could have finished that drive off with a score.

--Micky Crum was back at practice yesterday. I'd expect him to have a good week and to play this weekend.

--I'm not surprised by Trevon Young's last three weeks because I've seen it every single day at practice. Even a year ago you could see during practice how great he was rushing the passer, and then he had the injury. The only difference the last three weeks has been that teams have been forced to throw the ball because they've been behind. He's also getting into shape because that injury really kept him from doing anything until August.

--(What's the next step for the offense?) Score points. We've got to execute. We're starting to get more explosive plays, more chunk plays, but we've just got to execute and stop doing things to shoot ourselves in the foot like turnovers and penalties. James Quick and Jamari Staples are doing a great job for us right now. Lamar has to trust his offensive line and not anticipate the rush on passing plays.

--I'm really proud of John Wallace for the way he put the setback against Clemson behind him and has had a great rest of the season.

--We really need to get more out of our punt return and kickoff return team. Will evaluate if Alphonso Carter is the guy in the punt return game this week.

--Kiola Mahoni had flu-like symptoms after we traveled to Winston-Salem, so we isolated him from the rest of the team and Skylar Lacy started the game at guard.

--I've gotten to know Frank Beamer a little bit at the coaches meetings over the years. He's a great guy and it's a remarkable story how be's built that program.

--Really excited for Gary Barnidge and the success he's having in the NFL. He's a tremendous guy and a person who always went full speed and who was always full of life.