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Kyle Kuric has been released from the hospital

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Christian Petersen/Getty Images

For the first time since he was admitted two weeks ago to have a brain tumor removed, Kyle Kuric is out of the hospital. The former Cardinal star was released from Teknon Medical Center in Barcelona Thursday morning.

Here's a loosely translated section of the story of Kuric's release from a local publication:

"Especially, we want to thank the sports director Berdi Perez and President Miguel Ángel Betancor . The Kyle team mates and their partners have also given tremendous support to Kyle and Taraneh (his wife), "says the player's father.

It also stresses that greatly appreciate the help you have given them the CBA and who have felt "overwhelmed" when they saw the 18 teams in the league Endesa wore T-shirts with messages of encouragement to Kyle Kuric before their respective parties.

"Finally, we express our sincere thanks to Dr. Gerard Plans (neurosurgeon Teknon center) to make an amazing and spectacular effort in a very difficult situation. We can never thank you enough for what you've done for Kyle and his family, "he says Steve Kuric his professional colleague.

Kyle Kuric, 26, underwent surgery last November 5 of a brain tumor, a meningiona, which was detected this week after missing a league match Endesa his team due to strong migraines.

The story also says that Kuric's current plan is to return to his Gran Canaria team "in a couple weeks."

Best news of the day, without question.