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Rick Pitino writes about Louisville's win over Hartford

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

The best damn Internet writer in the city is back, and he has some thoughts about his team's win over Hartford Tuesday night.

There are many things to like about our 87-52 victory over Hartford. We wanted to take it to their center from Ireland, John Carroll, and put him in foul trouble. He was giving opposing centers problems. Our guys passed to Chinanu in the right places to score and put Carroll on the bench.

The two disappointing parts were the execution in the closing seconds of halftime and the low deflection total (20). We were supposed to run the play at five seconds. Instead, we initiated it at nine seconds and that left time for a three-point shot, which we fouled the shooter. Not good!!!

Holding them to seven assists was a positive but sometimes certain stats can be misleading. For example, they shot 32.6%, a low percentage. What's misleading is they shot 21-27 free throws, so their offense was more efficient than the percentage would indicate.

Chinanu again was the MVP and we played intelligently on offense, handling all of their changing defenses with high percentage shots. Also, a major plus was we were 13-of-17 on the break for 26 points.

Hartford MVP

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Pitino also had some words of praise for Louisville's Saturday opponent, 3-0 North Florida. You can check those out by reading the entire post on his website.