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Louisville basketball scandal: 2 more women join lawsuit against Katina Powell

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Two more women have joined the lawsuit against "Breaking Cardinal Rules" author(?) Katina Powell, alleging that Powell and included pictures of them in the book without their consent and/or wrongly implied that they had sex with Louisville basketball players or recruits.

Olivia Carrico and Sade Simril become the 10th and 11th plaintiffs in the suit, which began last month when a U of L student, 19-year-old Kyle Nicole Hornback, said the scandal is tarnishing the university and reducing the value of her education. That original suit was then amended earlier this month to include women who were mentioned in the book.

"In the book, during interviews with the media, and appearances on various talk shows, Defendants impute and accuse these women of engaged in prostitution with recruits and students of the University of Louisville," the lawsuit states. "These allegations are absolutely false. These Plaintiffs never gave any consent or permission to use their name, stage name, alias, photo, image, and/or likeness for this false, outrageous, horrendous, atrocious and heinous sex scandal."

The suit also refers to the book as a "fraudulent and deceitful scam," and blasts both co-author Dick Cady and IBJ Book Publishing for their failure to, "perform or engage in any due diligence to determine whether Powell's allegations were true or false."

Both sides will appear in court for the first time before Judge Mitch Perry on Monday at 9:45 a.m. You can read the full second amended complaint and motion right here.