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Louisville basketball scandal: Katina Powell will talk to NCAA investigators

Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

After previously stating that she would not be speaking with the NCAA unless she was granted immunity from any potential criminal charges, Katina Powell now plans to speak with NCAA investigators and turn over documents early next week.

"In consideration of the fact that the Commonwealth is going forward and considering criminal charges against Ms. Powell, it is no longer in her best interest to forgo meeting with the NCAA and sharing all of the demonstrative evidence she has to support her position," Wilder said.

On Monday, five women filed an amended civil complaint in Jefferson County Circuit Court against Powell, Indianapolis Business Journal Book Publishing and the book's author, former Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Dick Cady. A sixth woman is expected to join the lawsuit within a week, said Nader Shunnarah and J. Andrew White, the attorneys representing the women.

The women claim that Powell, 42, used their photos and two of their first names without consent and defamed all of them by implying that they sold sex for money at the parties.

"The ladies who are plaintiffs in our case indicated they were never involved, never saw [sex]. There was no red-light room. They're telling us there was no prostitution involved," Shunnarah said.

Powell and company have said since the start that they have loads of evidence that isn't included in the book. It's time to find out how true that is.