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Former U of L player tells investigator strippers were in dorm

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Eric Crawford breaks news with what would appear to be the second, at least partial, corroboration of these allegations.

A former University of Louisville basketball player has given investigators a version of events that indicates strippers were in the players' dorm on at least one occasion, a source close to the investigation told WDRB News.

With the school continuing to investigate allegations made by former Louisville escort Katina Powell in her book, "Breaking Cardinal Rules," released last Friday, the question may now be turning from whether any of it is true to how much of it is true?

While this is only one player talking about a single event in an investigation expected to delve into four years of allegations, it does demonstrate a player acknowledging some of the claims in Powell's book while taking issue with others. His voice, presumably, would be just one of many in the final report.

This particular player told a university investigator that no sex took place (that he knew of), and that the only money he saw changing hands came in the form of dollar bills thrown at the women in the room, according to the source, who spoke on the condition that the identities of player and source be anonymous.

The source also said that the player, who is mentioned in the book, claimed that former U of L director of basketball operations Andre McGee, who Powell says arranged multiple meetings and paid her for the services of women who had sex with recruits and some players, was not present in the room on this occasion.

Key points:


--No sex

--No knowledge of money exchanged

The day rolls on.