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CBS: Jaquan Lyle confirms 'the gist of allegations' about his Louisville recruiting trip

Ever since reading the book, I've been saying that it was going to take a former player or recruit coming forward and corroborating Katina Powell's story for anything significant to come of this.


Ohio State freshman JaQuan Lyle spoke with an NCAA investigator this week about his recruiting visit to Louisville in June 2013 and confirmed the gist of allegations involving paid escorts during his trip to the school, a source with knowledge of the NCAA's investigation told CBS Sports on Thursday morning.

"He told the truth," the source said.

The allegations were made in a book published last Friday night called "Breaking Cardinal Rules: Basketball and the Escort Queen." In it, Katina Powell, a self-described madam, writes that she took four escorts, at the request of former Louisville staff member Andre McGee, to do a "show" for a "new recruit named JaQuan Lyle."

Here's the text from Powell's journal entry regarding Lyle's recruiting trip:

Been a long time since we've been up to U of L to do a show. McGee texted me like, what's up? He wanted me to bring three girls up there for a new recruit named JaQuan Lyle, he and his friend. I took Rod-Ni, TooTall, Jazmine and Shay, who calls herself Sammi. TooTall made $100, Shay made $100, and Jazzy made nothing because she did absolutely nothing.

We'll see how this plays out and what confirming "the gist" of allegations actually entails, but this would appear to be easily the most damaging blow to U of L thus far.