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Louisville basketball scandal update: NCAA spent Monday and Tuesday interviewing UofL basketball program members

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

The latest update from the gross and ever-changing world of the Louisville basketball scandal comes from's Jeff Goodman, who says members of the NCAA have spent the past two days on the U of L campus talking to members of the basketball program.

NCAA officials were at Louisville on Monday and Tuesday, interviewing members of the Cardinals basketball program concerning recent allegations made by former escort Katina Powell, multiple sources told ESPN's Jeff Goodman.

Louisville spokesman Kenny Klein said he "can't comment on any matter concerning the NCAA investigation."

In a letter to students, Louisville president James Ramsey said the school is also reviewing the allegations and see the charges as "not an isolated athletic issue" but rather something that affects the entire university community.

Not a stunning development, but let's look at the positive: at least they're moving quickly. There were times during the Syracuse and North Carolina investigations when all parties concerned were thinking that nothing was being done because the NCAA was bogged down by other matters.