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U of L President James Ramsey sends letter to campus community

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

U of L President James Ramsey sent a letter to Cardinal students on Tuesday in an attempt to shed some light on the current situation facing the men's basketball program.

Here's the letter:

To the Campus Community:

My sincere thanks to those of you who were able to attend our campus forums last week, either in person or through the live-streaming.  The forums focused primarily on the next steps for moving forward with our University of the 21st Century discussions. We appreciate your further feedback and questions - feel free to continue to communicate with Interim Provost Pinto or me as we move forward. 

As mentioned in my State of the University address, it is now time for us to move forward with these initiatives.  At the same time, we must move forward prudently with continued campus discussions and input to ensure the success of these important initiatives. 

In addition, we as an institution are working to address the allegations made concerning the men's basketball program in a complete, thorough investigative way.  As previously discussed, immediately upon hearing the allegations, we employed our own investigator - Chuck Smart, a former NCAA official.  We do not know the timing of the findings that will be forthcoming from this report, but Chuck has been working with the NCAA in a process that is both deliberate and thorough.

We are one university and we are addressing this as one university - not an isolated athletic issue. So we are doing all that we can in the days and weeks ahead to emphasize the important work of you, our faculty, staff and students, and the amazing things that continue to happen at UofL. I know that you join me in celebrating the great history and tradition that is the University of Louisville.

We pledge to do the very best that we can during this time to find out what, if anything, occurred while we continue to focus on our daily responsibilities. Thank you for all that you do, and thank you to the great number of you who have expressed support and prayers for both me and the university.

James Ramsey

It's nothing earth-shattering and nothing that we haven't heard from U of L before, but I think it's a nice gesture from the President.