From The Outside Looking In-Seeing Red And Feeling Blue

I may face both persecution and exile from my own camp, and even vitriol and seething bile from Card Chronicle, but I have had this going back and forth in my brain ever since this whole sad (and bizarre) episode has taken place. And I am going to try and write this as an unbiased by-stander, if for no other reason, than to give some legitimacy to both sides of this situation. So here goes.

First and foremost, I find all of this to be more than suspect. What I mean by "this" is in today's world of cameras on every corner, cellphones that can not only record everything that their owner does when they want it to, the same phone can also do that when they don't. In the days that our every keystroke on a computer can be interpreted, tracked, and then examined for patterns that will indicate our buying preferences, our state of mind, and evidently the contents of our last bowel movement, why Andre' McGee would not know that eventually all of this nonsense would become public, quite frankly is beyond me. Now, the assumption I am making there is that these events did indeed occur. I have no proof of this, and as of yet, nothing 100% concrete has been provided that proves that McGee did indeed do what this woman is saying he did. As an outsider, I can say with a pretty clear head, that there is a huge amount of circumstantial evidence pointing in that direction, including, evidently, the word of some of his fellow UL Alums.

To the average everyday man on the street who can only see and hear what is put before his eyes and ears, this gives the appearance of something very cut and dried. It may turn out to indeed be that, but as I said earlier, there is no concrete proof yet. I give very little weight to the opinions of others, so I am going to leave all of that laying right where it is. I will probably be ostracized by every crazed Kentucky fan we have in the fanbase, who will all be claiming that all of this is right before my eyes. That's fine, I have broad shoulders and a wide backside, so I can handle that. What I do give credence to though, which may get me the exact same treatment from Louisville fans is that anytime there is behavior of this kind, and one person points a finger, it's a rumor. In my own humble opinion, when way more people than that point a finger, it's because the handwriting is on the wall.

What is the most disturbing about this ordeal is that no one is taking a hard look at why this would have even been helpful from a recruiting stance. Are boys gonna be boys? Well, that's up to their parents to decide. Had I of participated in anything like what has been claimed to have occurred at these young men's ages, I would have been skinned alive by my mother after she got done spending the longest night of my life ripping me from stem to stern concerning behaviors and attitudes towards women and the legalities of what I was doing with underage girls. Is every school Jalen Rose U? Is every young student athlete in today's world the next member of the "Proteges Of Jalen Rose Society"? Is every coach, player, and equipment manager in the entire NCAA just looking for sex with strangers?

After the Karen Sypher incident, I find it really hard to swallow that Rick Pitino does not sit every kid that he talks to down and says, "Look, this is what happened to me when I let my guard down, DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU!!!" I find it hard to believe that Pitino didn't have his assistants checking and double checking everything these kids did when it came to their extracurricular activities. And this is not because I believe Rick Pitino is a Saint in red, white, and black, but because I don't believe he is that stupid. I don't see him not taking full advantage of a situation in which he has a chance to use something tragic that happened to him, and turn it into a clinic on making parents and players alike know that I have learned from this, let me help guide your child through these waters the right way. And no, I don't think he takes the Dallas Cowboy approach to these situations and makes sure every posse has a fall guy.

This kind of thing destroys all of collegiate athletics. It puts a target right on the chest of every program, because if it is indeed true, there is a ZERO percent chance that Louisville is the only place it's happening. If nothing else, Louisville would have been one of the places I would have least believed it to be going on, simply because Pitino has already experienced his fall from Grace in the eyes of a lot of people, so he should have had his guard up about this kind of thing if for no other reason than to prevent history from repeating itself. I just cannot wrap my head around the idea that the man who brought Kentucky out of the second biggest scandal in their history, and then rebuilt his own image after experiencing his own fall from Grace, would let himself and his program be taken down by this backstreet Madam who cannot distinguish between her children and her employees. No way does Rick Pitino get blindsided twice by one woman in need of serious therapy, and another who, if she is indeed telling the truth, is in need of a jail sentence.

Is the world this upside down and backwards now? Are the inmates really running the asylum? Even from my comfortable and well padded Kentucky Blue chair, and looking through my Azul tinted glasses, I find it not just hard to believe, but almost impossible. I just do not get it.

So, if indeed this all turns out to be 100% accurate, and verified by the most well-respected sources known to man, I am going to appear to my fellow members of the Big Blue Nation to be the most naive man in the history of this rivalry. Don't presume me to be crossing over that blue line of mist that separates these two huge groups of Kentuckians and Ex-Pats, but you can at least count me among those who are indeed stupified at the very idea that this happened. Stunned doesn't even cover it.

On a side note, if ever there was a reason to lay the tired old arguments down and become somewhat unified in our disbelief and disdain for a situation, this would be it. A man whom we all owe a huge debt to for various reasons, sits atop a mountain of misery, because someone, somewhere in all of this, is either lying or has no respect for the man whatsoever. Be it the Merry Madam or Andre McGee there is indeed a lot to answer for when all this dust settles. While we can all be overzealous in our pursuit of claiming the title of "Greatest Fan of _____", I hope and pray that we can all take a really deep breath and try to figure out why whatever happened, happened. Good Luck Cards. I love seeing you folks take a beat down, but I want them on the field, and on the court. Not in the media and in the Courts.