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Louisville basketball scandal: UofL President James Ramsey addresses media

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

University of Louisville President James Ramsey spoke briefly with members of the media after a meeting with the U of L Athletics Association Board of Directors Wednesday afternoon. He addressed both the future of Cardinal basketball coach Rick Pitino and the ESPN "Outside the Lines" report which made national news on Tuesday.

After a meeting of the U of L Athletics Association Board of Directors, a reporter asked Ramsey about calls being made by others for Pitino to resign and if he's discussed that with the coach.

"No, I've not, and I don't know who's made those calls," Ramsey said. "But if they want to call me, they can do that."

Ramsey, who spoke to reporters for less than two minutes, said he had not watched the report from Tuesday from ESPN's "Outside The Lines" in which Katina Powell, an escort who wrote the book, spoke on camera for the first time. That report also cited five unnamed former Louisville players or recruits who described some details of stripper parties similar to those in the book.

"I didn't watch it. I didn't see it," Ramsey said. "There's an investigation taking place, and we're letting it play out, and I think that's the fair thing to do."

"The investigation is taking place right now, and it is moving forward as a joint investigation of the university. It's representative Chuck Smrt, who we hired, and the NCAA, and it'll play out in a fair way and a way to find what the real truth is and what the real answers are. That's what we want, and that's what we expect."

U of L athletic director Tom Jurich has issued just one statement since the ESPN report was released, and it was a vote of confidence for Pitino.