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Tom Jurich and Rick Pitino Press Conference Recap

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Pre-press conference note from Kenny Klein

--Andre McGee will be represented by attorney Scott Cox. Cox also represented Chris Jones in his case earlier this year.

Tom Jurich

--We were very disappointed, we were very shocked and disappointed that something like this could potentially happen in our program. We contacted the NCAA right away and then we immediately hired Chuck Smrt.

--We first heard about this from an associate AD at Indiana. He was wanting us to identify some pictures.

--(Do you think Indiana turned you in?) No comment.

--I'm not going to turn my back on Andre McGee. He's done a terrific job for us here as a player and a coach and I'd be shocked if he was in any way involved with something like this.

--The NCAA has been involved in this every step of the way. We are an open book.

--We want to get to the bottom of this as much as anybody. It's still a fact-finding mission.

--If we did anything wrong, we will ante up.

--(Do you think the 2013 title is in jeopardy?) I don't think I can answer that.

--I talk with Rick Pitino all the time. There's no way he would condone something like this.

--We'll take as long as we need with this investigation because we want to get all the facts.

--(Was there an attempt to extort money from the university before this book was published?) I will not answer that.

--(Why would someone write a book like this if the allegations are false?) Follow the money.

--I don't want to say anything concrete because I don't know. These allegations are disappointing and we hope there's nothing there. It's my program, so the buck stops with me.

Rick Pitino

--I didn't expect to be here, I expected to be taking about a scrimmage. I'm incredibly disheartened by this. When I first heard about this I contacted 15 current or former players and coaches and they all said that this did not happen, so I don't know how this has gone on.

--My heart is really broken.

--I believe in the NCAA and everyone playing on a level playing field. I don't believe in any form of cheating at all to gain an advantage.

--Spoke with Andre directly. I asked him a few questions, and at no time did he own up to any of what's being printed

--I tried to investigate a little bit on my own when we first caught wind of this and I was immediately shut down by our compliance department and so I haven't found out anything new since then.

--I know as much as you do in most regards.

--I wish I knew more. The more I spoke to assistants, the more I didn't believe any of it. No one around the program has seen anything like what the book alleges.

--(On the investigation) They have kept me completely in the dark, and rightfully so.

--There's not two finer people that I've met in coaching than Andre McGee's parents.

--To say I'm shocked would, again, be an understatement. We have little problems like every other program, but something like this is shocking. My heart's been taken out of my body and has been broken.

--We cut practice short today and I told the guys that I'd read the statement from the book and that we just have to take care of our own business now.

--From what I understand, the publisher, the law school is named after him at IU. That's the only knowledge I have of the man.

--Andre had no pressure in recruiting. He was never a full-time assistant here, he was just an ops guy. The pressure is on me and the assistants when it comes to recruiting. That's what makes no sense to me. Andre had no pressure to get a recruit here.

--I love the University of Louisville, I've loved every place I've worked. If Andre is a part of this in any way, I've got to forgive him, but I don't want to see anything bad happen in any way to this program. I can't find anybody at all who knew anything about this.

--Your heart breaks when something like this happens because it's the program you love and the program you built. We get accused sometimes of looking too much into what's going on with the program, which is why this is so shocking.

--(On 2013 title banner) I'm not concerned about that at all right now.

--We have two recruits in right now, how do we look them in the eyes right now when we know that they're going to read this? And I know you all have to do your jobs. This is a story that's going to get a lot of play, but all we can do is find out what the truth is.

--I'm heartbroken that under my watch that anything like this could ever happen. We're all very involved in this program and not one of us have ever heard one word about this. That bothers me. I can't say what's true and not true. But I can say as soon as we found out, within minutes the NCAA was called.