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Katina Powell has lawyered up ... with the trash can attorney

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Jeff Greer broke the news Wednesday night that self-described "Escort Queen" Katina Powell has hired a lawyer. Powell, apparently, has finally realized that if any of her allegations are proven to be true, it might not be the best thing for her legally.

Larry Wilder, a criminal defense attorney in Jeffersonville, Ind., said Powell retained him because of concerns she could face criminal charges based on allegations involving her three daughters in her book, "Breaking Cardinal Rules.''

In the book, Powell wrote extensively about parties — which took place between 2010 and 2014 and involved sex — for which former Louisville staffer Andre McGee allegedly paid her thousands of dollars. Wilder said Powell cannot be prosecuted because prostitution is a misdemeanor with a one-year statute of limitations that has expired. He did not address possible charges of child endangerment.

"The book does not indicate that any of her daughters were not of legal age to undertake the activities they undertook," Wilder told USA TODAY Sports Wednesday.

In her book, for what it's worth, Powell alleges that her two youngest daughters were 15 and 17 when they began "helping" her with work.

Now if the name Larry Wilder struck a chord with you and you were wondering why, it's likely because you remember Wilder making national news a few years back for being found sleeping in a neighbor's trash can.

Jeffersonville attorney Larry Wilder was found asleep by police in his neighbor's overturned city garbage can Wednesday morning, after neighbors called police when they woke to find their trash strewn on the ground and a man inside the receptacle.

Jeffersonville Police Chief Tim Deeringer said Wilder was cooperative when police arrived at the home on Elk Pointe Boulevard and was able to walk back to his home — next door.

Wilder's son and daughter, both adults, were home and able to take care of him from there, Deeringer said.

No arrest was made as a result of the incident.

"There was no crime committed," Deeringer said.

Although police records describe Wilder as "10-47" — police code for intoxicated — upon officers' arrival, no breath alcohol or sobriety test was administered. It's an officer's discretion on what actions to take in such situations, the chief said. Typically, if someone is that close to their home, they would just be escorted to their residence.

Police records show that officers arrived on the scene just before 7 a.m. Wednesday.

A neighbor, Roberta Embry, said her husband found Wilder inside the can when walking out of the house that morning.

"He (Wilder) took all the trash out and laid it (the trash can) on its side," she said.

The pictures attached to the story quickly spread and Wilder ultimately resigned from the Jeffersonville City Council.

I mean ... I don't even know what direction to go as far as a parting joke here. The "trash" angle is too easy, the "this story has it all" angle is too obvious; I'm just going to let you guys do it.