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Rick Pitino Previews North Carolina

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--This is going to be a totally different style than the Clemson game, obviously. They killed us with runouts on the break last year  and that's something we have to do a better job of preventing.

--I've only seen three or four UNC games on tape from this year, but obviously Marcus Paige is a great player who killed us last year. He's trying to be more of a facilitator this year from what I've seen.

--Roy Williams has a certain style that he recruits to, and he makes his players fit into that style.

--Every place on the road is difficult in the ACC, with very few exceptions. The road is tough in the Big East, the road is tough in the ACC, the road is very tough in the Big 10.

--We've had very good basketball teams and mentally tough players who understand what it takes to win on the road. That's why we've been a good road team in recent years. You have to play great defense to win on the road, and obviously we take a lot of pride in our defense.

--You don't expect our younger guys to be great road players because they've not experienced it before.

--Terry is quiet, but he leads by example with the way he plays.

--Anas is fine. He just missed the last game because of a migraine.

--The young guys will play against UNC. Shaqquan will play, Quentin will play, Nanu is going to start.

--The Clemson game wasn't as ugly as you guys think. People just don't understand Clemson's style. We didn't play great offensively, but we were also without Montrezl Harrell for a long stretch. Trez didn't get in foul trouble because he was aggressive, he was in foul trouble because he kept flopping and trying to take charges.

--Nanu gives us a more physical presence in the middle, and we're going to need that in this game.

--(On the next step in his team's evolution) I want to see improvement from Nanu, Anton, Shaqquan, Jaylen Johnson, and they're doing that in practice. Yesterday, for the first time this year, the second unit outplayed the first, and that's good. Those guys are all coming along.

--I think Quentin Snider is finally realizing that he has to play defense if he wants to stay in the court. Especially in games like Clemson where points are at a premium and every basket counts.

--North Carolina's the type of team that on any given night they can beat the best team in the country. They're talented enough to beat anyone, and if you can keep it close you've got a shot at beating them.