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Garrick McGee Will Not Leave Louisville For Oklahoma

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Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Reports swirled throughout Thursday that Oklahoma was speaking with Louisville offensive coordinator Garrick McGee about taking the same position with the Sooners. It was an expected flirtation since McGee is a native of Oklahoma who played quarterback for the Sooners in the mid-'90s.

It didn't take long for the former UAB head coach to make a decision.

"I appreciate the offer from Coach Bob Stoops to interview for their vacant OC position," McGee said in a staement. "OU has a special place in my heart, but Bobby Petrino and the University of Louisville are very special to me. I love where our program is headed and I appreciate the investment the university has made in me and my family."

McGee then tweeted the following:

According to ESPN's Joe Schad, McGee will be receiving a raise from U of L.

We've seen firsthand the success that can result from continuity on a coaching staff in recent years, so good on Tom Jurich and company for doing what needed to be done in this situation.