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Rick Pitino Talks After Clemson Win

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Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Video available here

--I think the message I tried to get to the team at halftime was that the championship team understood styles, and you don't. We knew in that game against Wichita State that we had to be the better defensive team to win the game. Clemson has been one or two in the league in allowed ppg, so we knew we had to control the pace and play defense if we were going to win. Our guys didn't understand that it was going to be a dogfight. They want to get up and down and score.

--We've been a great team against the zone for the last two years, and we're not that right now. Terry and Chris are not rubbing shoulders with the screener to gain an advantage right now, and that's something we work on every day.

--Our guys just don't understand what the ACC is all about. Certain teams in this league are not going to run with you and you're going to have to win with defense, and that's what we're not fully understanding right now.

--Terry and Chris thought they had to score tonight because they don't trust Mangok and Nanu and Wayne was having an off-shooting night, but they just don't use the screen. They never use the screen so we can never get a mismatch. Russ and Luke and Peyton were great at that, but Chris and Terry literally go 4-feet too wide on every pick-and-roll. But we're going to work on that.

--Tonight they were doubling Montrezl every time he was touching the basketball. Against the zone, I'm not sure how much we want to dump it in to Nanu and Mangok. So that means we're going to have to make shots.

--We've got to get more from our bench. Q and Anton went right into the game and immediately messed up on defense. They can't do that. They don't have to do great things, they just can't mess up that badly on defense.

--Clemson's an excellent defensive team, but we also didn't execute on offense. We've got to get better at our zone offense because teams are going to keep zoning us. I don't know why anyone would play man against us right now.