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ESPN's 'College GameDay' Picks Iowa State-Kansas Over Louisville-Duke

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Chris Morrison-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN's "College GameDay" finding a reason not to come to the KFC Yum Center has become a bit of a winter tradition around these parts. So today's news that the program is choosing to make its 2014-15 debut in Ames for the Iowa State-Kansas game and not in Louisville for the Cards' showdown with Duke should come as little surprise.

Nevermind the possibility that both teams have a strong chance of being ranked in the top five, or that Mike Krzyzewski will more than likely be shooting for the 1,000 win of his coaching career. Nah, none of that is particularly intriguing.

The most likely explanation is that the game's noon tip is what scared the program away, but still, I'm sure something could be done. After all, this is the game that more than one major network has declared as the best tilt remaining in college basketball's regular season.

Louisville has won a national title, been to two Final Fours and won more games than any other program in the country since the Yum Center first opened its doors, and GameDay has still never made an appearance at the arena. At this point, it be hard to blame Louisville fans for not showing up if and when that day finally comes.