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The Numbers: Louisville's Guards at Home vs. on the Road

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

We've been having some fun with the "best non-Yum Center backcourt in college basketball" title in recent weeks, but if we're being honest, the "Road Game Chris" (and, to a lesser extent, "Road Game Terry") phenomenon has started to get a little scary.

Or are we all just inflating this whole thing in our heads?

Reader and statistical aficionado Andy Edwards was wondering the same thing and decided to take a complete look at the numbers. The numbers below reflect strictly home vs. away games, which means the neutral court wins over Indiana and Minnesota are not included.

Terry Rozier

Home: 14.9 PPG, 41.0% FG, 29.8% 3FG, 75.0% FT

Road: 24.8 PPG, 56.1% FG, 43.5% 3FG, 84.6% FT

Chris Jones

Home: 10.4 PPG, 29.3% FG, 29.3% 3FG, 70.6% FT

Road: 19.2 PPG, 60.0% FG, 52.6% 3FG, 74.1% FT

So Chris Jones' is literally twice as good (actually, slightly more than twice as good) on the road when it comes to shooting percentage. That's pretty unreal.

Edwards then went a step further and looked at both players' stats for the second half of road games, as well as the last five minutes. The first number is FG, second is 3-point FGs, and third is FTs.

Terry Rozier

2nd Half

WKU: 6-10/3-4/11-12

WFU: 4-4/0-0/0-0

UNC: 7-14/1-4/2-2

PITT: 2-5/0-2/4-5

BC: 6-7/2-2/3-4

Totals: 25-40/6-12/20-23 (62.5/50.0/87.0)

Last 5 Minutes

WKU: 1-1/0-0/7-8

WFU: 1-1/0-0/0-0

UNC: 2-3/0-0/0-0

PITT: 0-0/0-0/4-4

BC: 0-0/0-0/2-2

Totals: 4-5/0-0/13-14

3 Assists/1 Turnover

Chris Jones

2nd Half

WKU: 1-2/1-2/5-6

WFU: 6-10/0-0/8-8

UNC: 4-7/0-2/0-0

PITT: 4-7/2-3/1-1

BC: 5-6/2-2/5-8

Totals: 20-32/5-9/19-23 (62.5/55.6/82.6)

Last 5 Minutes

WKU: 1-2/1-2/0-0

WFU: 2-3/0-0/5-6

UNC: 0-2/0-1/0-0

PITT: 0-1/0-0/0-1

BC: 3-3/2-2/4-6

Totals: 6-11/3-5/9-13 (54.5/60.0/69.2)

4 Assists/2 Turnovers

Here's hoping whatever is responsible for the home shooting funk will disappear forever after Saturday's game.