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What If You Could Add One Former Rick Pitino Player To This Louisville Team?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

A couple of days ago, I jokingly tweeted this:

With U of L shooting so poorly in its two most notable losses so far this season, it made sense to target a guy who made 122 threes and shot a ridiculous 45 percent from beyond the arc in that Final Four season as the crux of the joke. But a lot of the responders said they'd prefer Ellis Myles, a few more said Francisco Garcia, and even one said Otis George.

So now we have to have a discussion.

Let's take things even further and say you could add one player from the Pitino era at Louisville to this year's team. Who do you go with? Do you stabilize the point guard position with 2013 Peyton Siva, or kill two birds with one stone and take 2003 Reece Gaines? Do you solve the big man conundrum by bringing back 2013 Gorgui Dieng? Do you go with an elite do-it-all guy like '09 Terrence Williams or '05 Garcia? Or do you stick with one of the best U of L shooters of all-time to create some space for the rest of the current Cards on offense?

There's no right or wrong answer here, but it's an interesting discussion. For the record, I'm sticking with Dean.