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Thursday Evening Cardinal News And Notes

Straight outta Compton, crazy Cardinal fella named Isaac Brenner. Ok it doesn't work, but you're familiar with the song.

I_medium Week off spread check: Tobiah Hopper's sleeves by 1.5.

I_medium Jeff Greer has more on Rick Pitino's non-captain comments regarding Montrezl Harrell on his weekly radio show last night. The story includes this interesting response from UNC's Brice Johnson on the Tar Heels' defensive game plan against the Cards.

I_medium Louisville falls all the way down to No. 20 in Luke Winn's latest power rankings for Sports Illustrated.

I_medium With this being the most attention given to balls since Pete Schweddy's last NPR appearance, NBC's Rob Dauster examined the fact that college basketball is the only major American sport in which the game balls used during the regular season aren't universal. This fact seemingly gives the home team an even greater advantage than they would already have.

I_medium The U of L women's team is about to tip-off against Florida State in a huge ACC showdown.

I_medium The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette says the Cardinals and Panthers are two teams that are struggling with many of the same issues.

I_medium Been a rough week for Trez in the media:

I_medium Louisville Sports Live says the Duke loss is even more head-scratching when you look back at it.

I_medium It's Red vs. Blue this weekend in the world of swimming and diving.

I_medium The C-J's Steve Jones breaks down the six football recruits who will be visiting Louisville this weekend.

I_medium Lorenzo Mauldin was asked Thursday about former teammate Marcus Smith's disappointing rookie season with the Eagles, and said he still believes in Marcus.

"Of course, he was a rookie," Mauldin said. "Most rookies go in and don't expect to play right away and the fact that the [injured] players that he's taking their place ended up getting hurt was giving him another opportunity to show he has versatility when it comes to playing on defense.

"He can play defensive end. He can play outside linebacker. He can play middle. That's not going to do anything but help him out in the long run."

Mauldin has also seen Smith's leadership shine through. In an interview with other reporters at the Senior Bowl, Mauldin recalled an instance when Smith convinced a struggling walk-on who had quit the team to change his mind.

The walk-on returned two weeks later.

"I see what impact he has on people," Mauldin said, via Philly Mag, "and I liked the way that people responded to him when he did that. ... He's a guy that I looked up to when it came to playing next to him and playing on the opposite side of him. He's very dependable. He's like a brother to me."

I_medium Mauldin also continued to draw solid reviews from the scouts in attendance on Thursday.

I_medium A tool on Twitter made disparaging remarks about New Mexico star Hugh Greenwood's Cancer-stricken mother on Wednesday, and Greenwood promptly lit up UNLV and then called the guy out on TV after the game.

I_medium A look at Ryan Taylor's (remember him?) strange journey to Marshall.

I_medium And finally, special shirts for the Jan. 31 White Out and the March 7 Red Out are now available for purchase.