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An Update On Cards In The NBA And NFL

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A look into almost anything other than that North Carolina game.

Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Sports


Elvis Dumervil: the Raven’s season might be over, but with two sacks and three tackles in the postseason, Dumervil never lost his Kool (I’m sorry).


Gorgui Dieng: the Wolves played a four-game week, which, unfortunately, has turned into a four-loss week. Dieng had double-doubles against Denver (22 points and 12 rebounds) and San Antonio (18 points and 12 rebounds). He had 11 blocks total for the week and even tallied seven assists. His newest field goal percentages have kept him the highest average of the team, with 66.7% against the Nuggets, 30% against the Suns, 100% against the Bucks and 63.6% against the Spurs.

Peyton Siva: Siva played in two games this week for the Erie BayHawks against the Canton Charge and the Grand Rapids Drive, both resulting in losses. The first game, Siva racked up 13 points and six assists, and in the latter he had five points and four assists.

Earl Clark: the CBA’s Shandong Lions have taken two consecutive losses (seriously if the next update has a loss in it, we are all ignoring it) since last Sunday. Clark came off the bench against Qingdao to outscore all starters with 39 points, 2 blocks, 2 steals and a defensive rebound. Later in the week, against Fujian, he scored 20 points and had two blocks, an assist and nine rebounds.

Russ Smith: Smith’s days as a Pelican might be ending as talks of a three-team trade have surfaced. Nothing can officially be done until Monday, when the league offices open. If all goes to plan, though, Smith will become a member of the Memphis Grizzlies. The root of the trade is Memphis acquiring Jeff Green from the Celtics, and the entire details of the trade can be found here.