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Week 3 Bowl Projections For Louisville Football

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Mike Ehrmann

Three of the seven major network bowl projections now have Louisville in a Cardmageddon II situation, where the football team's bowl game will be played on the same day as the U of L/UK basketball game. While Cardmageddon was an experience worth having once, I'd just as soon see both events get their own days. It was too much last year.

Of course none of this matters in the least bit right now, but whatever, let's see where people are saying the Cardinal football team will spend its postseason...

ESPN (McMurphy): New Era Pinstripe Bowl vs. Michigan (12/27)

ESPN (Schlabach): New Era Pinstripe Bowl vs. Michigan (12/27)

SB Nation: Belk Bowl vs. Tennessee (12/30)

CBS: Music City Bowl vs. Missouri (12/30)

USA Today: Music City Bowl vs. Ole Miss (12/30)

Phil Steele: Sun Bowl vs. Arizona State (12/27)

The Sporting News: Orange Bowl vs. Michigan State (12/31)