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WTWF: Wake Forest

Wake Forest is going through a rebuilding year. Could this be the game that the offense needs to get things clicking?

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It seems like every week the main focus is on the offensive line in some way. The line is the key to the offense and they just haven't performed well so far this season. Wake Forest isn't the same type of aggressive defense that we have seen so far and it could be a really good opportunity for Bobby to find the five guys that work the best together. Communication has been a big issue with guys just not blocking the right guy. There have been instances of people standing around at the end of a play after not laying a hand on anyone. The hope is that having the same five guys playing together will help fix that.


I think most fans were pretty happy to see Brown blow up for 143 yards against Miami to start the season, but since then he hasn't gotten as many carries and hasn't done much with the carries he's gotten. Chubb and Lee lead the ACC in tackles and they are thumpers. If Brown can get things going early it should really help Reggie Bonnafon ease into the game. Wake will likely expect a heavy dose of Brown so if he can get things going it will really open things up.


One of the most common complaints of the Charlie Strong era was how long a lot of the run plays took to develop. Wake puts those plays to shame. In my personal opinion, the offense spends too much time trying to be cute instead of just lining up and going at people. They run a shotgun draw that honestly takes about four seconds to hand the ball off. Their zone reads have an extended read action for some reason. Its all just very slow and just odd. Enter a Louisville defense that is extremely aggressive and really wants to get up the field on each play and it could lead to a lot of negative plays. Wake is second to last in the country in tackles for loss allowed. Louisville should be able to help get them into last place.


Gerod leads the nation in interceptions coming into this week and he hasn't made it a secret that he's gunning for the Louisville season record of ten by Anthony Floyd. Wake has a true freshman commanding the offense and he has made a handful of freshmen mistakes leading to seven interceptions. Holliman will have a good opportunity to pad his numbers against a second straight true freshmen quarterback.


I could pretty much copy this paragraph from last week's post about Will Gardner. Reggie will have his shot to take hold of the starting spot at quarterback. There won't be the pressure of looking over at the sideline wondering if Will is going to start warming up. Reggie looked extremely comfortable against Murray State two weeks ago but he really didn't get much of a shot to make an impact against Virginia because of bad field position. His calm as well as his mobility should negate some of the issues with the offensive line and his big arm could really be showcased if Wake tries to stack the box against him.