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Watch Wyking Jones In This Old McDonald's Snack Wrap Commercial

Six primary observations here:

1. The first kid looks a little bit like a much shorter Larry O'Bannon.

2. I think you could make a legitimate goaltend claim here. That ball's not making it to the front of the rim, but there's certainly no question that it's on the way down (Ryan Cabrera). You catch a ref on a bad day and that's two points.

3. Why is Wyking wearing a sweatband on his right bicep?

4. I underestimated the shelf life of the snack wrap by about 12 years.

5. How could a block shot have possibly ended this game of one-on-one?

6. "YOU WITH THE SNACK WRAP. YOU WANT SOME!?" Just became my official post-block cheer for the 2014-15 Louisville basketball season.