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Bobby Petrino Serves Up One Last Pre-FIU Update

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports


--I'm happy with the way we've responded this week in practice. We've had good energy and good work ethic. We haven't been doing everything right, but we're getting closer.

--I want to see our players go down there and get better individually. That's the thing that's going to help us as a unit.

--The competition in practice has been really good this week. We've rotated a lot of guys. We'll finish the individual grades tonight and we'll play the guys that practiced the hardest. There could be a few changes.

--Michael Dyer practiced all three days and we saw some really good things from him. We've just got to see how he responds after today's practice. The thing that's hard about that is that it's not just the injury he's overcoming, it's the soreness he's experiencing after not doing any of these things for the last five weeks. But he's got 48 hours to get ready for the game. There's definitely a chance that he's going to play.

--I've liked what I've seen from Will. He's had a really good week as far as his focus and his attitude, and his fundamentals are the best I've seen them. He's worked really hard to fix the things we've asked him to fix.

--Our safeties have been very, very solid for us. That was a concern heading into the season, but they've been great. They really understand what they're supposed to do, and they work great together. Gerod Holliman has great instincts and a really good idea of what we want him to do.

--Trumaine Washington really separated himself from the other two freshmen at his position early in the summer. He's got a lot of confidence and he's very mentally and physically tough. He likes contact and he gives us a lot of energy. He's a fun kid to be around.

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