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Louisville Falls Short In ACC Road Debut

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Let's start here: there is no silver lining to this loss. Forget the new coach, forget the new quarterback, forget the loss of three first round draft picks; this is a game that you just cannot lose.

There were plenty of folks who predicted that this would be a game that would come down to the 4th quarter, but I don't think there were many on the U of L side of things who thought it would be lost by the visitors doing things like muffing punts, committing unnecessary penalties and not being able to execute the simplest of offensive plays.

I don't know where to take this post from here...this sucks. Sure, this isn't the end of the season, and of course this team is going to get better, but the brutal reality is that the Cards are nowhere near where we hoped they were, and that's a bitter pill to swallow this afternoon.

One of the worst things about this loss is that we're already starting to see a bunch of the "welcome to a real conference" stuff, when today's game should reflect on this team and this team only. It's unfair and it's annoying, but I suppose that's college football sometimes.

It'll be better in a few days, but for now, I think it's best to just turn a blind eye to all of this as much as you can. Let's all meet somewhere, have a few (hundred) drinks, and put that "every Montrezl dunk from 2013-14" video on repeat.

Love you guys. Stay strong. Don't get arrested.