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Wednesday Morning Cardinal News And Notes

Ryan McCoy Jr. has never been this ready for football season. Literally.

I_medium Your day one practice recap from U of L.

I_medium Bobby Petrino talks about day one while wearing a shirt that I wish I owned.

I think I could pull it off. I'm not willing to go on the record with that...but I think I could.

I_medium Trevon Young wins the day one fashion award:

Could not pull that off.

I_medium SB Nation's Michael Levin spent a day at the adidas Nations camp and left sort of obsessed with Montrezl Harrell.


I don't like watching anybody do anything as much as I like watching Louisville juniorMontrezl Harrell exist on a basketball court.

He has all the things I want in a basketball player. High-fives. Jostling. Thunderous dunks. Barking incoherent things at himself or his teammates or god. Too much confidence in his jumper (I'm a Sixers fan.) Sneaky-good passing.

He is a natural plus-one-negative-one with Shaq Goodwin of Memphis. Shaq, who is a specimen in his own right, operates very similarly on the court, but with the smiliest smile that would make even Nick Young blush. Goodwin flirted with the equipment girl, Montrezl landed on her after a dunk attempt in transition.

One time after a dunk, his momentum carried him towards the benches behind the basket where I was sitting. He was very close to landing on me. Too close. I couldn't will myself to move. I think subconsciously I wanted to see what would happen to my body if he landed on it. Do bones scream? He caught himself just before I could find out.

I_medium Athlon asks what a reasonable expectation for Bobby Petrino's first season back at Louisville should be, and sets that bar at eight wins.

I_medium Mark your calendar accordingly:

I_medium Louisville is no longer in the mix for class of 2015 point guard Isaiah Briscoe.

I_medium Pat Forde says Bobby Petrino is the fourth-most intriguing coach of 2014.

4. Bobby Petrino, Louisville: Back from the abyss, and back at the school he took to great heights while treating it like dirt from 2003-06. Quarterback savant missed out onTeddy Bridgewater but will be expected to make Louisville's audacious ACC transition immediately successful. Is humility part of Petrino's equation this time?

Charlie Strong tops the list.

I_medium "Apparently Kid" is going to single-handedly save this world.

I_medium Lookin' good.

I_medium Congratulations to Jeff Gardner, who has been chosen as the recipient of the 2013-14 American Athletic Conference Scholar-Athlete Sport Excellence Award for baseball.

I_medium In addition to Gardner, five other Cardinals -- including Russ Smith -- also captured AAC individual Scholar-Athlete Excellence Awards.

I_medium It's that time.

I_medium Howie Lindsey over at captured some of the sights and sounds of Tuesday's first practice.

I_medium Jeff Walz says that Louisville and Connecticut could resume a series in women's basketball as early as the 2015-16 season.

I_medium Walz and U of L freshman Mariya Moore are about to start their summer quest for gold.

The two are part of this year's U.S. U-18 Women's National Team, with Walz serving as an assistant coach for the first time, and his McDonald's All-America guard beginning play on Wednesday in search of the team's seventh consecutive gold medal at the FIBA Americas U-18 Championship.

Rising senior Sara Hammond guided the U.S. Women's 3x3 World Championship Team to gold in Moscow in June.

The U-18 Team has spent the last 11 days training in Colorado, and the opening contest is taking place against Mexico on Aug. 6 at 8 p.m. ET in Sports Center I or II at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. The finals are scheduled for Sunday, Aug. 10, and all games will be held in one of the two venues.

Games can be viewed online at


After the opening day game, the U.S. is scheduled to play El Salvador on Thursday at 7:30 p.m. ET and then Canada on Friday at 5:30 p.m. All three games are part of the preliminary round.

I_medium Via Jody Demling, Rowan County High School junior pitcher Cameron Planck has committed to play baseball for Dan McDonnell.

I_medium I have absolutely loved these weeks over the years when huge PGA events have come to Valhalla, but invariably, they always bring out one of the worst types of Louisvillian: the know-it-all golf fan. If you've been out to the course for a day of Ryder Cup or PGA action, then I have no doubt that you know exactly who I'm talking about.

This person is typically a man, and he's almost always wearing a polo or hat (or both!) with either the event's or Valhalla's logo on it. Sometimes a nice, salt of the earth Louisvillian will also be sporting this look, but you can never be 100 percent sure until you experience the way they communicate.

The normal Louisvillian will speak directly to you about golf things and at least fake interest when you respond. There will be a dialogue. The KIAGFL (Know It All Golf Fan Louisvillian), meanwhile, will spend his day making absolute -- and often incorrect -- statements to nobody in particular.

A few examples of what you might hear from a KIAGFL just so you don't mistakenly try and strike up a conversation with one....

"This course is just set up perfectly for (insert player for whom course likely isn't set up perfectly)."

"You just can't understand how good that shot is unless you've had to hit it yourself (said after any relatively average shot)."

"I actually played with a guy over at (country club) who used to play with (insert golfer near the top of the leaderboard). Said he (insert likely false story)."

"That is just crushed (stated after drive of relative average length)."

"It's actually not too bad over there (stated after shot ends up in a place that actually is very bad)."

"Oh yeah (said all the time for no particular reason)."

Enjoy the festivities. Go Tom Lehman (forever).

I_medium Speaking of the PGA, my official dark horse pick before the event gets started:


I_medium Some video of U of L recruit Donovan Mitchell's recent breakout performance at the Reebok Camp:

I_medium Mitchell reportedly loved his visit to Villanova earlier this week, but still sounds pretty excited about Louisville.

"I talk to Coach [Rick] Pitino a bunch, and Coach [Mike] Balado, Coach [Wyking] Jones, and they see me as both a ‘1' and a ‘2,'" he told "Which evidently allows me to play more and contribute more to the team. And I feel like just being at a school like Louisville is great; a big school that everyone loves their basketball, and I feel like that's a great opportunity for myself."

He'll be visiting U of L on Thursday and Friday.

I_medium Gary Barnidge is still makin' plays:

You're next, Gerald Christian.

I_medium So DMX is going to be performing in Louisville on Aug. 29....and I see no reason why he shouldn't go ahead and stay the extra couple of days and make an appearance at PJCS on Sept. 1.

I_medium Scout profiles Michael Dyer.

I_medium This mini Cardinal head blurb is dedicated to Reece Gaines.

I_medium The Cardinal Sports Zone crew is back with their weekly recruiting notebook.

I_medium This got lost in the shuffle over the weekend, but Russ Smith hit 10 threes and dropped 52 points in a summer league game.

Remarkably, there is apparently no video of this.

I_medium Maddux Sports previews Louisville and says the Cards will win nine games in their first ACC season.

I_medium Former Cardinal great Sam Madison is one of four former Miami Dolphins who will be inducted into the team's Walk of Fame on September 21, 2014. Just said former twice in one sentence and do not give a damn. It's how we're rollin' this Wednesday. your new Wednesday friend, Mr. Wind.

I_medium And finally, it's nice to see that being a senior hasn't changed Charles Gaines.

Totally not an over-the-top move for the first practice of the year. Dude runs with animals.