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Target Takes Messing Up Teddy Bridgewater's Name To The Next Level

Since he arrived at U of L back in 2011, Cardinal fans have seen Teddy Bridgewater mistakenly referred to as "Terry" countless times by fellow fans, rival fans and members of both the local and national media. The trend didn't stop when Bridgewater rose to national prominence, and it hasn't stopped since Teddy was selected by the Minnesota Vikings in the first round of last spring's NFL Draft.

A Target in Edina, Minnesota apparently decided that the whole "Terry" thing was played out and that they needed to take things in a new direction.

Enter the "Bridgewater" jersey.

The store where that picture was taken has said that it pulled the shirts from its floor on Tuesday, and other Target stores in the area reportedly did the same. It's not known how many stores received the "Bridewater" shirts, or whether those stores will receive replacement shirts with the correct spelling.