The Guide to Card Chronicle's memes/inside jokes/quirks

It was discussed in a few threads about making a guide to aide new users when they join us here at the world's best web site. I joined the site about 3 years ago and started posting probably about 2 years ago, I have by no means been here since the beginning, though I consider myself one of the more recognizable regulars on the site and think I have a pretty firm grasp on the communities quirks and memes. I'll try to give a little back story about it's origins and where it came from, at least where I THINK it came from.

By all means please add your own or feel free to correct me, most of these things start randomly in the comments section and in all honesty I'm not digging through all the comments to find the first use of a particular phrase.

Original CC FAQ - This is the original FAQ that was posted in 2011 by CardsFan922. You will see some duplicates because I didn't have the link when I originally posted my guide.

  • '~' - This one character maybe the most important here at CC. Quite simply it means don't take what is said before the symbol too seriously. This is our sarcasm marker

  • The Cron - Short for Chronicle. A slang name for this site. This started before I got here and is always replied with "Don't call it that." That's really about it.

  • CCBM - Stands for 'Card Chronicle Bird Mask.' They can be ordered at Amazon. Not to be confused with this monstrosity. The original CCBM was featured in a news and notes I believe 3 years ago prior to a football game with Cincy. It kinda blew up after that (way to go by the way guys) and now it has been on national television and makes up 80% of the news and notes pictures.

  • CCBMM - Stands for 'Card Chronicle Bird Mask March.' You know the Card March before games? Ya well this is kinda like that. Basically myself and another user OneShiningMoment (he really did like 95% of the work) started to do this thing were we gathered other crazy fans with CCBMs and started marching through where the Card March happens about 15mins prior to it starting doing CARDS chants and trying to get the crowd pumped all while wearing our CCBMs. It's fun and you should do it to, more specifics once football gets rolling again. And yes that was a shameless plug

  • johnnyjoejohnson or jjj having sex with a donkey - Soooo ya there's this thing were we make fun of one user for having sex with a donkey. I don't know why we do this, it was before my time, but it's still a thing. Please don't call PETA.

  • Never belly flop into a kiddie pool - Mike likes to help the kids out before school starts back up so he always posts an article about dos and don'ts in college. This is a big don't. He will tell you it's a big don't every year. You'll have to ask Mike about it's origins but seriously just don't do it.

  • NEVER post a picture of a gnome - Seriously this is a big deal. It's a bad omen. We will lose games because of it. I'm not sure of it's origins but I think a UofL gnome was a game thread image or someone posted a picture of one in a game thread and then bad things happened.

  • NEVER post a picture of Leonardo DiCaprio in a UofL hat - Pretty much the same thing with the gnome. We can be a tad superstitious here.

  • LCPT - Stands for 'Least Cool Person Tournament.' We just finished up our last one 2 weeks ago, you can find the post here. This started in 2008 and as far as traditions go at CC I think this may be the oldest and most popular. It's something we do in the summer after baseball wraps up but before football starts. Basically we nominate a handful of contenders who we feel have been the least cool to our beloved Cardinals over last year and through bracketed voting determine who is the least cool. Something to pass the time between sports pretty much. Though it can get quite heated...

  • Digger - Referring to college basketball "analyst" Digger Phelps. The deserving winner of last year's LCPT. You can sub Digger in for any curse word or negative uncool thing you think of on here and we will know what you mean. IE "We got diggered on that call!". Our dislike for him comes from him constantly hating on the Cards and generally predicting we will lose against any team we play. Thankfully he's really bad at his job and is mostly wrong so we are happy when he picks against us.

  • JLWAP - Stands for 'Just Like We All Predicted.' Refers to our beloved Card, Russ Smith. We all know the story, an 2 star guard from New York who practically no one recruited and no one knew. He had a very forgettable freshman year and then bam.... Russdiculous happened. He quickly became a fan favorite and an important piece of the team. Then the accolades started rolling in.... just like we all predicted. It's pretty much us as a fan base being blown away by the transformation and then proclaiming ever smugly "Ya we saw that coming". We did not see that coming. So whenever something good happens it's JLWAP.

  • JMFB - Stands for 'Jay Mother Fuckin' Bilas'. Because we like Jay Bilas here, he's awesome. He's a fair and even minded analyst who also manages to be pretty damn funny and really seems to enjoy our Cards as well. JMFB is the polar opposite of digger.

  • Wildly Inappropriate - Posted normally in response to post that is only slightly inappropriate, which many posts on this site are. IE "We had a Bonner on campus today." RE: "Wildly inappropriate." I apparently somehow started this according to Slopppy Joe. I believe it was in a news and notes that featured dogs being curious about someone wearing a CCBM (see you know what that is now, this is useful stuff!) and I made a comment along the lines of "Bitches love the CCBM." and this offended one of our female readers (sorry again) and it turned in to a whole thing and that phrase popped up and stuck around.

  • hondo - Oh hondo... hondo was a user who used to come around her. He had terrible spelling and grammar. He would make these weird lists of random things and post them out of the blue. They would always be top 10 lists but never have 10 entries. They would range from 7 - 13 (excluding 10). He could never spell any of our players names correctly and no matter what the list was Nickelback was usually on it somewhere as was LSU QB Zach Mettenberger, he thought he was the best QB like ever. He eventually became a troll and was banned and we haven't seen him for some time. So if you ever see a list posted in the comments expect random replies with 'hondo?' (especially if your spelling is bad), Nickelback or Zach Mettenberger with random numbers listed next to them.

  • Free throws and rebounds - One of our older (in more than one way...making fun of Carolina Cardinal's age is kind of a thing too) members, Carolina Cardinal loves free throws and rebounds. Wait until basketball season starts. He will talk about FT% and blocking out on the boards all the time. We now just mention them in other sports as well and he will inevitably respond. I guarantee we will talk about FTs and rebounding during football games but they will have nothing to do with the upcoming basketball season.

  • NO PANTS!!! - Whenever there is a big victory, like the Sugar Bowl or the National Championship, we tend to go nude from the waste down. This can also be applied to things like moving to the ACC. There was talk of being pantsless months after the National Championship victory, it's a thing we like to do, it represents supreme freedom and exuberance. When big things happen expect most of the thread to be about pants going away.

  • Strings of capital letters that don't form actual words - An example: HOFHCRJMFBP. This stands for Hall Of Fame Head Coach Rick Jay Mother Fuckin' Bilas (see what I did there?) Pitino. These can be longer or shorter and sometimes they go on so long that no one knows what the hell it says. These are almost exclusively used for when Rick Pitino or Tom Jurich does something awesome. Though I'm starting it to see it pop up for Bobby P. (Note: sometimes random jumblings of unintelligible, random letters can be a user known as GoCardsAttitude, GCA for short, posting as well. She is very passionate about her Cards and she lets it be known in her posts. She loves Gorgui, Peyton and Trez more than you and if you do anything to harm them she may cut you. You've been warned.)

  • Putting random L's on words - Occasionally you will see a word that looks normal except for a random L on the back of it. The most common example of this is dunkl. This is not a typo, this is intentional. This is to honor The Silent L. Which honors Montrezl Harrell.

  • Gifsters and Dunksters - Where to even start with this one... so after we won the National Championship we had a tournament to see what was the best/favorite gif of CC. There were a lot that popped up that season and they were used very generously, so hey let's have a tournament to decide the best, that'll be fun! Started fun... got ugly quick. If you would like to see the journey for yourself you can start with the nomination thread and go from there. The shorter version is that the site was split into two factions, dunksters (who would vote for gifs of dunks) and the gifsters (who voted for photoshopped gifs such as this). It boiled down to 5 gifs being voted for in the finals. The winner with 35% was the Trez dunk from the national championship game. In second place with 31% was the Trez dunk from the national championship game... from a different angle. The gifsters were outraged claiming that it wasn't a true gif because it was just a play on repeat and it turned into a whole thing. Even to the point of breaking down the definition of a gif. CC went all Hatfield and McCoy for a bit. So if you see anyone respond with 'Damn gifster' or 'Damn dunkster' that's what's up. Gifsters for life baby!

  • Hire Brad Stevens - Before my time here, but I think it boils down to this. When Pitino was first hired his teams weren't doing as well as we expected. People got frustrated and started calling Pitino's ability into question, asking if he past his prime etc. So who did everyone want as the new head coach to replace Pitino? Apparently the young and up and coming Brad Stevens! Thankfully we didn't hire Brad Stevens because... National Championship (which is acceptable response and justification for almost anything). So if there is something negative that happens on the team IE a player gets hurt a common response is 'Hire Brad Stevens.' EDIT: This was primarily became a thing due to scorpiocard. If you would like a more detailed explanation see the comments below.

  • Old Mike/New Mike/Engaged Mike - This is the same person. Honestly I have no idea how this got started. Obviously some changes have taken place on the site since it's birth and I'm sure Mike has changed how he writes over the years too, I'm guessing some people are scared of change. Usually if something isn't write on a post like a typo or bad link or something like that, someone will comment about how 'Old Mike wouldn't have done that..' or just 'New Mike.' I think Mike is pretty much just confused by it. EDIT: According to users this got started around the time Mike got an official job from SB Nation and news and notes hadn't been posted in a few days and a user posted a fan post entitled something to the tune of "I Miss Original Mike" - thanks to johnnyjoejohnson for the info.

  • Quacky - This is Quacky. Mike hates Quacky. I think this hatred started on senior night in 2012 where the unthinkable happened and we lost to USF, though there could have been prior Quacky incidents. I'm pretty sure Mike blames Quacky for this terrible loss and thus gets very, let's say, touchy when the subject is brought up.

  • Doing the C-A-R-D-S chant as the first thing in a game thread - Never let it be completed. TNCard has been our saving grace on multiple occasions. But this isn't just his responsibility, it's everyone's. If you see it about to be completed you comment just to mess it up. This is everyone's duty. If it's completed, we get jinxed. Like I said, we can be a bit superstitious.

  • Bovada - This is a recent thing, so not sure if it will stand the test of time or not. There is this digger named Justin Stinson, he has a FB page called The Cardinal Touch. It's supposed to be a news site for Cardinal Athletics, in reality he just goes to other Cardinal sports sites and steals their content, such as this one. In one of his stolen posts (seen here) he claims to have spoken to Bovada to get the Heisman odds for last year's Heisman race. The thing is Bovada is a site and not an actual person. Justin is not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Thus is there is any rumor or new story posted you say you got your info from Bovada.

  • Obnotches - Another recent development. Apparently a uk fan was talking about us 'obnotches' (see: obnoxious) Card fans on another online message board and a screenshot made it on a recent new and notes. We just use this to make fun of that other team.
  • Well I think that's a pretty good start. Those are all the ones I could think of off the top of my head (not sure to be proud about that or not...) and I know there are some I have missed. Feel free to post the ones I missed or if I have represented one incorrectly let me know as well and I will try to get everything edited in. I have to admit I had a good time doing this, it was like a trip down CC memory lane. Hope everyone enjoys, especially any newbies or lurkers we've got!

    Also sorry for the formatting eye sore. I'm still bad at this fan post stuff...

    First round of additions.... also there are some minor edits and revisions from the original post. Also added the original CC FAQ at the top of the post. If you don't see something that wasn't on my original post and requested it in the comments and still don't see it, chances are it was probably already in the original CC FAQ and that's why I didn't add it again here. Also if I'm giving credit to someone it is just the FIRST person who mentioned something I left out. I'm not giving them credit for starting what I'm talking about or anything.

    • Password? DRINK! - There was a user on site ( that would stream Louisville games locally, sadly I believe this was shut down. But when it was up and running we had many out of town users who couldn't get the games coming into game threads asking if they could view the game online. Someone would give them the site, they would ask for a password and the response was always DRINK!. I honestly have no idea if that was ever the actual password. So if you ever ask for a site to view games on, expect this exchange. Credit goes to Cards78 and regis villebin for reminding me.

    • Darius Washington - He was a player for Memphis in 2005, his freshman year. He is most famously known for a Conference USA tournament game that same year. I could explain it to you, but it's really better if you just watch it: Darius Washington goes down in flames. I'll wait.... That moment forever became immortalized in UofL history and the Louisville/Memphis rivalry. There was a time on this site when you couldn't click on a link without it going to that clip, which coined the phrase 'Brick Rolled'. It was a common occurrence to not clear out your history or cookies as a CC user as to not be Brick Rolled. Phish also made a song about it, you can see it here. I have never actually heard the song because it's by Phish and probably not that good. Credit to Raina.

    • Ruthdick - This term of 'endearment' wasn't even coined on this site. This comes from a twitter (at least I'm pretty sure it was twitter) response from someone on Mike's twitter account. I believe the sentence was something to the degree of "Hum on these balls Ruthdick". So that became a thing because really how couldn't it? Credit to CardsMS6531.

    • Nice pass Russ! - This originated from Russ Smith's sophomore year I believe, when Russdiculous was in it's infancy. Russ actually came up with this himself (thanks for the help Bruce in Louisville and cardsfan0013). It came when Pitino was really getting after Russ for taking shots and not passing the ball and as the story goes Russ passed the ball in practice one day and then patted himself on the back with a 'Nice pass Russ!' . This bled over to the game threads and when ever Russ passed the ball the comments of 'Nice pass Russ!' (originally used in the same sarcastic tone) would pop up. Well as Russ matured so did his game and he learned to share the ball and improved on his assist numbers. It became so that anything Russ did would be nice. Good interview? Nice interview Russ! Hard workout? Nice workout Russ! Got a contract? Nice contract Russ! You get the idea. Credit to CardinalSig.

    • DePaul Day - Let us all take a moment of silence for DePaul Day...... We will always miss you. This came about when we were in the old Big East. If you don't know DePaul is bad, like real bad in basketball. They were consistently at or near last place in the conference rankings every year. Playing DePaul wasn't like playing any other team, because there was never any stress or worry playing DePaul because you knew you would win. It was kind of like a basketball vacation. Game threads were always positive and upbeat, it was good times. Sadly this may be a tradition that is laid to rest because I don't see us playing them anytime soon. Credit to carrschilling.

    • Where's DePaul? - In continuing with DePaul being bad, there is the comment 'Where's DePaul?'. This will usually pop up when Mike post a thread involving a list of colleges, like top 25 lists of really whatever. What you won't ever find on these lists is DePaul. Everyone knows they won't be the list, unless it's something like 'Top Division I Schools With Consecutive Losing Seasons'. So us, being the slight jackasses that we are will ask 'Where's Depaul?'. The common answer is 'Chicago' or 'It doesn't matter'.

    • Making fun of Mike for having an AOL email - We do. Because he does. And he isn't anyone's grandmother. Credit condrab.

    • LBA - Stands for Lexington Basketball Academy. Also known as that other school down 64. If you still aren't getting it they wear blue, are our most hated rivals and their fans are totally obnotches. There are a lot of people that simply refuse to type the letters U and K together, so this has become a stand in. It also represents the fact that they only care about basketball no matter what other sport is currently going on. Credit Lankysteve.

    • Memphis State - This was what the University of Memphis was called before they changed their name to sound all fancy and smart. We still call them Memphis State because we really know what's up. Plus any jab at them is kinda funny.

    • stoo -Mostly used during football games when we are on defense. But also sometimes in basketball when there’s a timeout. Common typo of stop. But we just ran with it, and it works. Creditted cardsrgood for mentioning it and GoCardinals for the explanation.

    • @TNCard gif me - On some SB sites you can type '@Oralce gif me' and then you put in what type of gif you want and this bot is supposed to reply with an appropriate gif. Well that doesn't work here and really doesn't work that great anywhere. One of our regulars, TNCard, apparently has saved every CC gif and when other users would comment that this would be an excellent situation for a certain gif, he was usually the man to respond. This became so common that many users just started posting '@TNCard gif me' and he would respond in kind. Keep in mind, TNCard is not an actual bot and it may take him sometime to fulfill your request. Credit GoCardinals.

    • Beat Purdue! - Our cheerleaders would hold up signs facing half the crowd which read "Go Cards" and the crowd would holler it. Then the other half of the cheerleaders would hold up signs to the other side saying "Beat whoever we were playing." The game after we played Purdue they screwed up and instead of having the signs with the name of that game’s opponent they had the last game Purdue signs. So the crowd hollered "Beat Purdue." I was watching the opponents bench during the timeout and several of their players looked really confused. Wonder if they thought they had transferred without knowing it. For the rest of the season it didn’t matter what the signs said, everyone cheered "Beat Purdue." That may have lasted into the next season or longer but I’m not sure. But it confused a lot of teams. Credit and the explanation by cbcard

    • HWMNBN - He Who Must Not Be Named. Referring to a certain head football coach we had between 2007-2009. His name is forbidden on this site. If you don't know who I'm talking about you are better for it. Credit fla_cardinal

    • Pitino Speak - A lot of us think we can understand it, but we really can't. Pitino Speak refers to Rick Pitino's way of speaking when giving interviews. Generally on this site it means that whatever Pitino says the exact opposite is true. If he refers to a player that really needs to work on something and isn't ready to play yet.... he's probably going to start. Pitino Speak! If he over compliments an opponent and talks about how good of a program they are.... we're going to blow them out. So on and so forth. Credit GoCardinals

    • "Well that’s Typical" - Comes from this gif of a Denny Crum interview when he's discussing why Kentucky wouldn't play us before the Dream Game happened. Generally this is used whenever Kentucky does something very Kentucky, for instance an LBA fan freaking out on a recruit over twitter because they committed to a different school. Credit bluelou01... which is interesting since you have blue in your name.

    • #BringChickenToTheBucket - Ahh yes the #BringChickenToTheBucket movement. This was a really fun time when the fan base almost recruited a player. If you would like to read the entire time line go here. The short version is there was a player named Chicken Knowles in the 2012 recruiting class so naturally he should come play for the team who plays in the KFC Yum! Center. We blew up is twitter and made #BringChickenToTheBucket a thing. At one point he listed us on his choices of colleges despite having zero interaction with our coaching staff. Sadly he went with Houston... though he did get to come to The Bucket last year as an opponent and that was pretty cool. Credit tmjoel01

    • Hookers and blow - Now I may not be remembering this a 100% accurately (probably because of all the hookers and blow) but I think this started when Chane and I think Kevin Ware had got into a bit of trouble. Not much was released about it and the uproar from the school down 64 came out about how our players were doing blow and getting hookers in the locker room but no one had heard about it because Tom Jurich controls the media etc etc. and it just turned into something absurd. So we ran with it. Every minor transgression was met with an addition of hookers and blow. Such and such was late for practice... because of hookers and blow. Why isn't such and such on the bench.... because of hookers and blow and so on and so forth. Credit to Slopppy Joe.

    • FW - Also known as Fat Wayne, referring to current UofL basketball player Wayne Blackshear. When Wayne got here he was overweight.... but he was overweight by Pitino standards which means he had less body fat than most of us reading this. But we rolled with it and pretty much exclusively referred to him as FW. People made gifs of his face on Fat Albert's body, any joke revolving around food or obesity was thrown FW's direction, all the while he is no where near fat and is a better athlete and in better shape than all of us. Credit Capt_Chuckles

    • Jumbo Jones - This is along the same line as FW. Pitino said Chris Jones has put on some weight and ta-da! Jumbo Jones is born! Pretty much everything I said about FW above can be applied here as well. Credit blamkin86.

    • Advantage Russ! - This came from Russ' habit of driving to the rim and taking a shot no matter how many players were there, if he had a good look at the basket whatever. Russ was taking that shot. Though more often than not it actually seemed to work, thus, Advantage Russ! There is a gif where we are playing Syracuse and Russ drives and makes basket, you can see all five Syracuse players, Russ is the only one of our guys in the picture. Credit jjj

    • Steves - This is a basketball stat that only appears on CC. This comes from The Janitor, SVT. Stephen Van Treese. Steve was a always a hustle player. But Steves weren't rebounds or assists they were just hustle plays that resulted in another player getting a rebound or an assist. Basically it's play where you just keep the ball alive long enough for a teammate to get it or where you tip the ball back out to a teammate. Credit Cardnation12